Royal Holiday Vacation Club believes that vacations aren’t just a privilege. Going on vacation should be the right of everyone no matter what. Science has already shown how effective leisure time can be at opening up our creativity, compassion, and sense of adventure, in addition to promoting better physical and mental health. When we carve out a bit of time to get away with our family, the whole world is better for it. Unfortunately, even though the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that leisure time is a fundamental right and need for individuals and families all over the world, the reality is different. So many families are living in poverty and can’t afford to take the time off work to indulge in a vacation, much less plan a first-class experience for themselves and their family members.

Because of this, the Royal Holiday Foundation decided to step in and help. Back in 2015, when Royal Holiday helped 220 kids from unprivileged backgrounds experience vacation for the first time, the results were stunning. Each child got to have their first taste of the fun, excitement, and creative exploration that travel can bring. With this initiative, the Royal Holiday Foundation’s “Vacations are a Right for All” campaign began, helping families and individuals from poor or underfunded backgrounds get the leisure time they deserve. The program doesn’t just serve children and poor families. For the past few years, the Royal Holiday Foundation’s “Vacations are a Right for All” campaign has helped other challenged economic groups, like senior citizens and single working mothers, to get a taste of adventure and freedom through booking a luxurious vacation. The goal of the project is to help underprivileged individuals not only experience the world and indulge in true leisure time but to foster a relationship with nature that certain urban families simply can’t afford to have.

Today, the Royal Holiday Foundation’s work is being recognized by the group Colonias de Vacations for creating a force for good in the community. The group has been helping urban kids experience their first vacations for years and has found Royal Holiday’s work with urban underprivileged youth to be a huge help to their mission. Since the start of the campaign, the Royal Holiday Foundation has helped over 1,650 go on vacation for the first time. The experience, for many, has been life-changing, giving kids a sense of what they can hope and strive for in the years to come. For Royal Holiday, it’s not just about helping kids get out of the city for a few days. It’s much deeper than that. When kids are raised without any expectations for their own future, including a right to leisure time and travel, they’re being kept back from endless wonderful experiences and vacations to come. With their #vacationsforeveryone hashtag, Royal Holiday has started a movement that’s helping people finally recognize the importance of taking time away to experience life to the fullest.

At the dedication ceremony, Royal Holiday Foundation President Pablo Gonzalez Carbonell spoke directly to the children who had experienced their first-ever vacations over the past two years, letting them know that their right to vacation and leisure time is, in fact, a fundamental human right. With Royal Holiday Foundation’s campaign, a whole new generation of vacationers is ready to take charge and claim the right to a vacation for years to come.