February 6, 2017 – Worldwide exchange provider, DAE, is kicking off the year with a bang as the company celebrates its 20th year in business in 2017.

Launching the brand in 1997 with just two guys and a telephone, DAE has become the world’s largest independently owned global exchange provider, employing over 200 staff globally and leading the way as the most awarded service provider in the industry.  

CEO and co-founder, Francis Taylor, said the 20 year milestone was one he never thought would happen in the early days. 

“This is a very special year for DAE and our members – especially those who have been with us from the very beginning,” said Mr Taylor. 

“At the start all we had was an idea to provide an outstanding customer experience for owners who had become frustrated and disengaged with the entire exchange process. What we created was a model that centred around the experience of the member at the heart of the transaction. 

“If somebody had said to us in the beginning that we would grow to have 11 offices around the world, look after hundreds of thousands of families and send them on vacation every year, belong to industry associations all around the globe and have a good name, reputation and standing within the industry, I might not have believed them. But here we are.”  

Offering free membership and some of the industry’s lowest exchange fees, DAE’s reputation over the past 20 years has been shaped by their unwavering commitment to customer service which underpins every interaction with their customers from members booking an exchange vacation, to assisting resorts and industry partners with tailor-made solutions to improve their bottom lines. 

“I’m extremely proud that DAE’s reputation is largely based around the customer service that we provide both to individual timeshare owners, to resorts, to developers and to the marketers, in all parts of the industry.”

Mr Taylor said in 2017, DAE is taking the opportunity to reflect on their growth over the past two decades, as well as introducing new features for an even stronger, more intuitive platform to take the company into the next 20 years.  

But it’s not all work and no play – DAE are inviting their members and industry partners to join the party, with a host of 20 year celebrations planned for the coming months. 

Along with a major prize draw, DAE will offer different monthly specials from March to October, and increased revenue sharing opportunities for resorts who spread the birthDAE message to their owners to book with DAE throughout 2017.

Keep an eye out for more details of DAE’s birthDAE celebrations, coming soon. 


About DAE (Dial An Exchange)

DAE is the world’s leading privately owned vacation exchange provider. With an established network of resort partners, DAE offers exchange availability at thousands of resorts in the most exciting destinations around the globe.

DAE’s approach to exchange is simple – a platform that is easy to use and puts members’ needs first. No hidden fees, complicated rules or trading powers. It’s why DAE has grown to become the largest privately owned exchange provider since opening its doors in 1997 – now servicing over 1.5 million timeshare owners worldwide, including 550,000 direct members.

Through innovation and value-added service, DAE has changed exchange with a low cost business model that allows owners to get more out of their vacation ownership investment. Operating from 11 global offices located across North America, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa and the Middle East, DAE delivers a range of products and services to help businesses in the timeshare industry achieve their goals and objectives – providing local solutions with a global outlook. 

For more information, visit www.daelive.com