After a successful launch of the Global Secondary Market Coalition, the CVOA announces that they have joined the GSMC work group to assist in constructing an operable framework of the vacation ownership industry’s secondary market.

The GSMC, originally conceived by the Association of Vacation Owners (AVO), was founded in an effort to develop best practices, review current licensing requirements and establish a code of ethical and responsible conduct for secondary market service providers.

Last month, the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.), became the first industry association to join the GSMC. CVOA has followed in C.A.R.E.’s footsteps to be a part of a coalition whose values mirror its own. Since joining, CVOA is the Canadian representation of the GSMC.

Jon Zwickel, President of the CVOA stated that “This is an important moment for the secondary market. Industry leaders are coming together with the same goal to protect consumers, encourage developers, and discourage detrimental practices. The CVOA is pleased to formally accept GSMC’s invitation to work with other organizations. It is important that we participate in remolding the secondary market and innovating the future of timeshare and vacation ownership.”

The AVO extends an invitation to industry stakeholders from around the globe to advocate for the development of a structured international aftermarket and for the betterment of the entire industry as a whole. “Consumers are often exposed to companies who solicit them and operate across borders. We will soon have the capacity to help these consumers understand the marketplace and how to safely transact within it.”, said Gregory Crist, CEO of the AVO. “We are honored to have the CVOA be a major participant in the coalition and be the voice in Canada to help develop this program,” Crist continued.

CVOA, C.A.R.E. and AVO associations all encourage industry professionals to participate in the GSMC. For more information on how to get involved, contact

About the CVOA

CVOA is Canada’s only association dedicated to representing the vacation ownership industry and resort developers. Since its founding 1980, the organization has become Canada’s preeminent industry association representing all forms of vacation ownership. CVOA membership is a community of active industry leaders committed to promoting and maintaining a high standard of ethical conduct within the Canadian vacation ownership industry, creating B-2-B and networking opportunities between members, and educating consumers about the benefits of vacation ownership

About the AVO

Originally formed in 1997 as the National Timeshare Owners Association, the AVO is a social purpose organization, dedicated to educating vacation owners and advocating on behalf of its owner/members. AVO is a member of various industry trade associations including ARDA, AMDETUR, ASUDESTICO, C.A.R.E., and CVOA. To learn more, visit our website at or contact us at 833-2ASK-AVO.