victory run

Travel To Go creates a training program including participation in a half marathon to promote health and fitness for its employees.

America’s Finest City Half Marathon celebrated its 38th anniversary in San Diego on August 16, 2015 in Balboa’s Park Centennial.  Travel To Go prides itself as being the absolute best vacation fulfillment provider in the world.  One of the main components that separate TTG from their competition is dedication to their jobs and the company.  By creating a happy and healthy environment, and encouraging employees to work hard and be fit, TTG has created a wonderful and productive environment.  “Being part of the Travel To Go Bee Fit to Travel running team, was the experience of a lifetime,” states Victoria Crittenden, personal assistant to the president of TTG.  “I never really thought of myself as a runner, let alone a marathon runner,” continues Victoria, “this usually is considered an individual endeavor, but we enjoyed training as a group and really had a great time.”

De’Anna Nunez, the TTG Bee Fit to Travel trainer, began the training program by discussing goals and helping the team find their motivation for training for this race.  Many Travel To Go employees had trained and raced before, which was a great as these race veterans were able to work with the less experienced team members and help strategize together.  Training schedule recommendations for the 12 weeks leading up to race day were individually created for each team member.  Each team member planned to train 4 days per week, beginning with three 3-4 mile runs and one longer run per week.

Of course leading up to race day the excitement was building and the office was buzzing with enthusiasm.  By creating this program, Travel To Go employees had the opportunity to train together during work, and teams were formed with small groups of runners who shared a similar pace and mindset. With this enhanced commitment the travel To Go Bee Fit to Travel team was off to a great start!

“The encouragement, camaraderie and teamwork all made this one of the most fulfilling accomplishments I have ever been a part of. I can’t thank all of our teammates, captain and TTG Bee Fit to Travel enough for helping me cross the finish line in 2 hours 10 minutes,” concluded Victoria Crittenden.

On August 26th 2015 the Travel to Go team all successfully completed the marathon!  Based on the enthusiasm and energy both before and after the marathon, this will become an annual event for the TTG team.

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