May 31, 2017 — The accommodation offering of Turku is about to be diversified in one go. The 58 luxurious Villas flats to be completed in connection with Holiday Club Caribia by Midsummer will offer in the future the highest level of accommodation in Turku to those who appreciate high-quality and spacious accommodation.

The completion of the suite-level flats will also put on the finishing touches to the renovation project of Spa Hotel Caribia that began in 2016. Up to this point, the construction of the new Villas flats and the renovation of the spa and hotel have amounted to MEUR 16.5 in investments. During the project, the service concept, spa and all 145 hotel rooms were updated. The renovation also included the opening of the SuperPark activity park and two new restaurants in the same destination.

The introduction of the Villas flats to the hotel market of Turku has already aroused much interest.

“The Villas flats will introduce a much anticipated addition to the accommodation offering of the city. We strongly believe Caribia will be the top pick of those seeking high-quality accommodation in the Turku region. The interest of companies in suite-level accommodation already shows in our booking status. At the same time, we believe that the share of family vacations will increase in the destination,” says Villas and Rental Business Director Tapio Anttila of Holiday Club.

“The renewed destination and the spacious new flats with high-quality furnishings also suit the needs of customers very well who will be staying for longer periods. The Villas flats have also been included in the sales programme of both cruiseferry companies operating from Turku.

Appealing area experiencing strong hype

The surroundings of the Spa Hotel Caribia are experiencing the strongest growth from among the areas surrounding the city centre of Turku at the moment. The accommodation need within 2 km from Caribia increases quickly and new companies keep appearing in the area. SuperPark was opened a year ago in connection with Caribia and it has increased the appeal of the destination for its own part. During the first year of operation, the popular activity park has had 100,000 visitors.

Popularity of the Villas concept on the rise

At the moment, the Holiday Club Villas concept is the fastest growing form of vacation accommodation. The popularity of the concept is probably based on the ease and profitability of it: the flats are located in popular holiday resorts surrounded by diverse services and activities and, thereby, they are as easy as timeshares and as comfortable as summer cabins for their owners. When the Villas owners are not spending time in their flats, the luxurious 1–2 bedroom flats are available for the hotel guests. You can also rent a Villas flat in the same way as any cabin or vacation residence.

The speed at which the Villas flats keep appearing around Finland is a testament to the success of the concept. This spring, new flats will appear, besides Caribia, in Kuusamo, Salla, Saariselkä, Himos and Åre, among others.

FACTS – Holiday Club Caribia’s renovation

    • • MEUR 16.5 in investments
    • • 145 renewed hotel rooms
    • • 58 new 1–2 bedroom Villas flats of 39–67 m2
    • • 13 new timeshares
    • • SuperPark activity park of 2,600 m2 operates in connection with the Spa Hotel
              • New restaurants Classic Pizza and O’Learys

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