Craig MorgansonOrlando, Florida, October 29, 2018 (PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE) Advantage Services, a leading provider of white-labeled loyalty benefits, membership platforms, and loyalty technologies for the hospitality industry, continues to excel with its privately branded, award-winning Advantage Services® programs.

Advantage Services captures more market share in the loyalty arena, where customer engagement and customer satisfaction are more important than ever before. The driving force behind Advantage Services’ growth is the volume of relevant loyalty benefits it offers, its proprietary technologies capable of managing the most complex algorithms, and the measurable value for both Advantage Services’ partners and end-users alike.

Advantage Services’ approach to loyalty has proven to increase sales, increase future spending within the brand, and increase customer satisfaction, time and time again.

Advantage Services is positively disrupting the loyalty rewards industry by shifting the financial burden of the funding of loyalty benefits from the partner’s brand to Advantage Services. Many companies believe their only option to fund a loyalty program is to shave their margins, but under that model, the consumer value proposition is very limited. A partnership with Advantage Services means Advantage Services will fund customized loyalty rewards, in US Dollars, so its partner’s do not have to.

For over 25 years, the Advantage Services’ leadership has been on the cutting edge in developing loyalty programs that are proven time and again to increase revenue and loyalty.

Beyond the award-winning user websites, and the award-winning infrastructure technologies, is also an award-winning customer service team ready to provide personal service to both Advantage Services partners and the loyalty benefits end-users in 8 languages. This dedication to service is reflected in Advantage Services’ A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

“Loyalty programs are more popular and more important than ever before. But many companies squander their loyalty opportunities with hard to understand earning and redemption systems, low-value redemption options, among other common mistakes. The wrong loyalty model will alienate customers and hurt the brand more than no loyalty program at all. When we get involved our partners are shocked at what we can do for them, and the customers are more engaged, instead of alienated.” Says Craig Morganson, CEO, Advantage Services.

Advantage Services continues to make a positive and measurable impact in the loyalty rewards arena through their same-as-cash loyalty rewards, advanced technologies, and impeccable customer service record. Since 1993, Advantage Services’ leadership has been driving innovation in the industry.

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About Advantage Services
Advantage Services is an award-winning leader in private-branded loyalty program technologies and benefits. Advantage Services focuses on enhancing, and funding, loyalty programs with the massive appeal of travel options, same-as-cash loyalty rewards, among other award-winning benefits. For over 25 years, Advantage Services’ leadership has been on the cutting edge in developing loyalty programs that are proven time and again to increase revenue and brand loyalty. For more information about Advantage Services visit