Orlando, Florida – August 26, 2016 – (INTUITION Brand Marketing) – American Resort Collection (ARC) revealed a 3-year strategic redevelopment plan for its Americano Beach Resort and Palm Beach Resort & Beach Club properties.

ARC has revealed plans to apply its successful, multi-faceted approach to resort redevelopment to the Americano Beach and Palm Beach resorts in its collection. These plans, which are scheduled for completion over a 3-year span, began with a reserves study and financing plan that was conducted by Facilities Advisors, Inc., and managed dynamically through PRA System’s analytical platform.

The studies, were conducted by Gary Porter, president of Facilities Advisors Inc. and a 30+ year industry veteran, and analyzed by ARC through the Property Reserve Analysis (PRA) system. This system offers its users real time updates and remote access to the data from any supported device that has access to an internet connection, is backed by over 50 years of industry experience and is consistently updated to stay current with any emerging industry trends or changes.

With a team of industry veterans, ARC provides clients with a wide range of fully integrative and supportive services, professional financial planning and restructuring, resort operations staffing and sales and marketing support. Offering a management system that seamlessly integrates with accounting, merchant and POS systems, in addition to exchange and rental distribution applications, ARC’s partners and clients receive a robust customer interface through a “plug-in” portal that easily integrates into websites and apps for real-time reservations and payment functions.

Gregory Mafcher, ARC’s Director of Resort Operations in Florida, will integrate the reserves management plans with other capital improvement plans in conjunction with the Boards’ oversight and ARC’s plans to upgrade the resort environments.  “Starting with the reserve studies to make sure we had properly categorized and evaluated each capital element gave us the base on which we can build a competent and achievable re-development plan for these two resorts.”

The company’s dedication to developing a large portfolio of resorts and services through acquisitions and affiliations, gives benefits to all the parties involved and propels the goal of increasing resort profitability through the expert marketing, sales, and rental programs offered.

The initial plans for the redevelopment project have already begun as the company has started searching for the top level talent in design, engineering and architecture that will help shape and bring new life to the two resorts. Through a combination of Association Reserves and ARC’s own capital contributions stemming from their sales programs, the funding for this redevelopment plan has already been secured and could potentially be bolstered even further through a joint borrowing program between the two companies.

For more information about the American Resort Collection, please visit www.arcresorts.com

About American Resort Collection

ARC seamlessly provides Management, Sales & Marketing, Development, and Vacation Club expertise. The company’s management experience and resources enable resorts to gain access to benefits and efficiencies more commonly associated with larger brands. Their sales and marketing services are delivered by licensed representatives using the latest technologies, and their customizable club programs combine the best elements from the last 35 years of vacation ownership and today’s mainstream travel options, providing the most flexible and exciting vacation products on the market. The American Resort Collection, ARC Resorts, and the ARC Vacation Club are brands of American Resort Coalition, Inc.