logo_defender_resortsRequestMyEstoppel.com, a subsidiary of TimeshareProPlus.com – creators of the only online title and related services software specifically designed for timeshare resort operators – launched a cloud-based portal customized for Defender Resorts. The site is now being used by Defender staff members and timeshare owners to process account verification letters and estoppel certificates, electronically.

“Timeshare Pro Plus’ RequestMyEstoppel module helps us save time, staff resources and the tedious tasks associated with processing account verification letters as well as estoppel certificates,” states Ken McKelvey, chairman and CEO of Defender Resorts. “We handle management services for 24 resorts in several different states, as well as in the Grand Caymen Islands. The software will add speed and efficiency to our operations, plus free up valuable resources in our office, in answer to our commitment to using the best available technology in order to achieve resort management excellence,”

“As a resort management company, we strive to find solutions to assist our resorts and provide value-added services while accommodating our owners in processing requests,” adds McKelvey. “The online portal not only assists in speeding up the process, it reduces the amount of documents being sent to our office, which allows us to better safeguard information. Today’s customers expect to have online service, and we’re pleased to be able to provide a fully functional, professional platform through RequestMyEstoppel.com.”

“We custom-brand our software application modules for each resort client,” says Timeshare Pro Plus CEO Dave Heine. “We’ve completely automated the process so that what used to take several days when generating documents now takes less than an hour.”

The software creators’ motto is: “Our software saves Time, Paper and Postage for our clients.” The system gives resort operators freedom to focus on managing the resort.

ABOUT TIMESHARE PRO PLUS                                  

Timeshare Pro Plus (TimeshareProPlus.com) offers transfer software accessed exclusively online, which is available in modules to fit the needs of resort-related entities, including developers, HOAs, exchange companies, travel clubs and management companies.  Timeshare Pro Plus is the first patented software designed for the timeshare industry by timeshare industry professionals. For more information, contact Dave Heine at Dave@Timeshareproplus.com or 800-973-3316

About Defender Resorts

Defender Resorts’ customized management services utilize experienced personnel and the best available technology to achieve resort management excellence. Since 1979, Defender utilizes a hands-on approach, coupled with the very best service at the most economic costs, thus delivering the highest value management services in our industry. Among Defender’s core competencies are owner databases, owner communications, resort refurbishment and renovation, budgeting, long-term planning, quality controls, financial reporting, analysis, and human resources management. The mission of Defender Resorts is to provide the tools to resorts’ Board of Directors to make the best decisions necessary to improve the vacation experience for all owners. For more information visit www.defenderresorts.com.