Orlando, Florida, June 29, 2018 (PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE) Vacation ownership industry veterans, Cory Stegemann and Sandra Stegemann are pleased to announce the official launch of Cornerstone Vacation Ownership, a B2B organization specializing in the secondary market sector of the timeshare industry.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Cornerstone Vacation Ownership develops custom-built strategies to meet the individual needs and goals of their clients.  Cornerstone oversees all companies that are a part of their Secondary Market Solution Suite (SMS Suite) which includes Cyria Group, Genescy, NextGen International, and My Reward Travel Network.  Working with clients one-on-one, Cornerstone pinpoints the solutions best suited to fulfill their client’s goals. As every client has specific and unique circumstances, an ideal program is designed for each client through utilization of various combinations of the highly specialized services available within the full SMS Suite.

Cornerstone Vacation Ownership’s clients include mainstream resort developers, Home Owners Associations (HOAs), Management companies, and all other Vacation Ownership companies.

“We created Cornerstone as a way to customize the full spectrum of our suite of solutions for our clients. Our companies work well together and as independent operations so that we can tailor our services to the client’s needs. Cornerstone’s goal is to innovate the current operations of the secondary market to better support the whole of the timeshare industry,” says Cory Stegemann Founder and CEO.

The businesses under the Cornerstone Vacation Ownership umbrella each offer ethical and superior solutions for various aspects of the secondary market. Genescy focuses on offering timeshare owners true consumer-centric ownership options; Cyria Group works with developers to provide secure, cloud-based trade-in solutions that are backed by a 100% fulfilment Guarantee; NextGen International provides a platform for the flexible purchase of vacation ownership options of secondary market inventory to first generation timeshare buyers; and the newest addition to the SMS Suite, My Reward Travel Network, is an online travel platform that was developed to enhance vacation ownership purchase experience by offering the best savings possible on a wide variety of travel products.

For more information please visit: www.cornerstonevo.com

About Cornerstone Vacation Ownership

Cornerstone Vacation Ownership is a B2B organization specializing in the secondary market sector of the timeshare industry. Cornerstone works with clients to develop strategies suited to their organizational needs & goals while utilizing the applicable SMS organizations (Genescy Corporation, Cyria Group, My Reward Travel Network, and NextGen International) under Cornerstone’s leadership to ensure results & success for every client.

About Cyria Group, Inc.

Cyria Group is a marketing and sales support company that assists resort developers with the fulfillment of trade-ins and transfers for timeshare intervals, through reliable cloud-based software at point of sale. Cory Stegemann is the Founder & CEO of Cyria Group, sits on the Board of Directors for the CVOA, and is also the Chair of the Secondary Ownership Committee. Vice President of Sales for Cyria Group, Jesus Michael Martinez, is also on the Board of Directors for C.A.R.E. With a proven track record, Cyria Group supports ethical and transparent solutions that benefit all parties. For more information visit http://www.cyriagroup.com.

About Genescy Corporation
Genescy Corporation is recognized for delivering excellent professional services in the timeshare industry by working directly with CVOA-approved organizations that protect both the timeshare owner and developer. They specialize in working with legacy properties to establish inventory management, recovery, marketing and sales initiatives.

About NextGen International

NextGen International’s mission is to restyle the way people buy, access and use vacation ownership. Through NextGen International, members will have a stress-free vacation planning solution with access to a curated inventory of options that are hand-picked by a rigorous screening method. NextGen’s intuitive and simple three tier selection process can narrow options down even further to location, investment, and property size. Cory Stegemann is the Founder & CEO & also sits on the Board of Directors for the CVOA, and is also the Chair of the Secondary Ownership Committee. For more information visit http://www.nextgenic.ca/.