Colebrook Financial Company, a lending institution specializing in the timeshare industry, announced that they recently provided receivable financing for staySky® Vacation Clubs. Launched in 2014, staySky® Vacation Clubs is a points-based vacation ownership product that features four properties, each in the heart of Orlando’s thriving tourism. “The staySky organization is relatively new to the timeshare scene, and we are very pleased to get in on the ground floor with the intention of growing along with them over the next several years,” said Colebrook’s Bill Ryczek.

“We have a fairly complex business model, and Colebrook was able to come up with a financing proposal to accommodate our structure,” says staySky CEO John Gordon. “We’re very pleased with the relationship.”

About Colebrook Financial Company
Colebrook Financial Company is a lender specializing in the timeshare/shared ownership industry, providing hypothecation and other financing products for small and mid-sized developers in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. Colebrook is large enough to provide financing in the $20-30 million range but small enough to deliver a unique brand of personal service. For further information call Bill Ryczek at 860-344-9396. For more information, visit

About staySky Vacation Clubs
staySky® Vacation Clubs is a dynamic points-based program offering members the ultimate flexibility and control over their vacation lifestyle. Members can use their staySky® Points in a variety of ways, including accessing vacation resorts worldwide through staySky® Vacation Clubs’ partnership with Interval International’s global points system; banking their points for use in the following year; borrowing points for more vacation time in the current year; or earning staySky® Escapes reward credits to enhance their vacation experience. For more information, visit