is will offer a record number of promotions to its members this year as part of its award-winning Engagement program, the company announced. agencies can participate in in 267 unique promotions: 92 direct mailers and 175 e-Engagements. Also new this year,’s technology enhancements will allow for agent personalization which means promotions can be customized with a “call to action” for individual travel agents. This capability serves to streamline client inquiries and strengthens the relationship between individual agents and their clients.
“Since launching Engagement in 2001, we’ve continuously upgraded and enhanced its capabilities to stay ahead of the curve and exceed our members’ needs,” said president John Lovell. members who take advantage of agent personalization for email promotions have realized an average of nearly 30 percent higher open rates along with a more than 18 percent increase in click-through rates.

“Clearly, providing the right promotion to the right clients and emphasizing the agent-client relationships is resonating with their clients who are booking more travel as a result,” Lovell added.  “We want to continue to provide tools, such as this, to assist our travel agents and member agencies in fulfilling their clients’ travel wishes.”

Engagement is’s award-winning, targeted marketing program that delivers relevant, timely specific supplier offers to clients through professionally-designed promotional pieces and targeted emails. The program is complimentary to all members. also offers Engagement Select, which provides a premium level of Engagement that includes bonus supplier-funded marketing pieces. Engagement Select is available to ClientBase users and offers the highest level of targeted marketing, using a client’s past purchasing records and marketing preferences.

“’s Engagement program has been incredibly useful for our agency,” said Eric Ardolino, president of A&S Travel Center in Wallingford, Connecticut. “Over the past eight years since we utilized the program it has helped our agency grow by 20 percent and promote ourselves to both current clients and potential ones.”

Jean Paugh, with All About You Travel Unlimited in Rockledge, Florida, called the Engagement program “a no-brainer.“

“I have used the Engagement program since day one of inception; it takes me less than a minute to go into Agent Universe, look at the promotion, click on it, fill in the blanks and then let select the clients,” said Paugh. “ always customizes the pieces with my logo, and now we can even personalize pieces for a specific agent if we choose to.”

The 2016 Engagement calendar is available for members to download on’s Agent Universe web portal at