C.A.R.E., The Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers, has just completed a successful annual circuit of major industry events across North America for 2018.  C.A.R.E., represented by its President Linda Mayhugh, attended ARDA WIN Annual in Orlando, GNEX 2018 in Miami, ARDA World in Las Vegas, AMDETUR in Mexico City, VO-CON ‘18 (CVOA) in Blue Mountain, Ontario and ARDA Fall in Washington, D.C.

Mayhugh represented C.A.R.E. on multiple panel discussions throughout the year with the primary subject being secondary market paradigms.  “I’m proud of our association partners bringing light to this very important sector of our industry,” stated Mayhugh.  “Our secondary market has needed our full attention for a very long time.  I hope to continue working with our association partners in this area and focus on solidifying a prosperous future of our industry while doing so.”

2018 also marked the first inaugural annual conference for C.A.R.E. after 32 years of hosting semi-annual conferences.   A survey of 2018 attendees rated the annual event higher than the last four semi-annual events they had attended.  Planning for C.A.R.E. 2019 is well underway to include extended keynote presentations by Bill Stainton (www.billstainton.com), Andy Masters, MA, CSP (www.andy-masters.com) and industry favorite RCI’s Sr. Learning & Development Specialist Adrian Garrett.  With the host city of Indianapolis, Indiana, C.A.R.E. is excited about RCI’s participation in the city where their headquarters were established nearly 45 years ago.

Save the date and be ready to attend C.A.R.E.’s 2019 Conference in Indianapolis from May 4-7; registration opens in January 2019!

Looking forward to 2019, C.A.R.E. has executed new association partnership agreements with ACOTUR, AMDETUR, ARDA, ARDA WIN, AVO and CVOA.  Mayhugh says, “These agreements bring great value to each association as well as their respective members.  As we continue to remove the borders, we strive to unite instead of competing.  Each association’s mission is a piece of the grand puzzle of our industry that solidifies us.”  Here’s what a few of C.A.R.E.’s partners shared about their partnership with C.A.R.E.

Mauricio Carreon, President of ACOTUR commented that, ACOTUR promotes communication and active participation among Local, Federal and International associations seeking to consolidate a community within the industry. We are looking to enhance global activities and are excited about our new U.S. opportunities within C.A.R.E.”

Executive President of AMDETUR, Carlos Trujillo stated, “AMDETUR is very excited about renewing the C.A.R.E. Reciprocal Agreement.  We have found that together we can grow stronger than by ourselves.  We have many things to share and to practice benchmarking.  Globalization is a key word right now, and with this agreement we can rest assure that we are playing the right way.”

Howard Nusbaum, President and CEO of ARDA says, “We are proud of the relationship we have had with C.A.R.E. of the past decade and look forward to continuing our partnership in 2019 and beyond.” 

“The Association of Vacation Owners is pleased to be a returning association member of C.A.R.E. and to support the organization along with its membership objectives,” AVO CEO Greg Crist adds.  Further Crist says, “Together we are making vacation ownership better!”

CVOA President and CEO Jon Zwickel shared, “the value of association partnerships, like C.A.R.E., are immeasurable.  United we form a solidified North American alliance that collaboratively joins association resources, experience and knowledge for the shared betterment of our industry.” 

About C.A.R.E.

Established in 1985, (C.A.R.E.), the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers, is one of the industry’s leading associations in ethical standards and value propositions. Its internationally diverse member base includes Resort Developers, Management and Exchange Companies, HOA’s, Travel Clubs and Wholesalers as well as many respected industry suppliers bringing value-added revenue enhancement opportunities. Members that possess rentable inventory or seek inventory for fulfillment of rental requests set the foundation of C.A.R.E. with a multitude of scenarios for securing client vacations, increased inventory utilization and heightened yield management. C.A.R.E. members have the ability to share inventory via week-to-week exchanges, weekly wholesale rentals, guaranteed and free-sale blocks as well as year-round and seasonal leases all over the world. C.A.R.E. members must comply with a strict Code of Standards and Ethics and will undoubtedly gain professional and personal development by attending C.A.R.E. Conferences. With nominal annual membership fees and some of the industry’s lowest conference registration rates, C.A.R.E. can prove an undeniable value and return.

Contact: President Linda Mayhugh / lmayhugh@care-online.org / 800-636-5646 ext.700 / www.care-online.org