Orlando, Florida – October 28, 2013 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) – Global vacation exchange provider, DAE, has confirmed that it is poised to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth of Asia as the largest potential market for vacation ownership.

Attending the AOCAP Conference in Hong Kong this month along with industry delegates from the Asia Pacific region, CEO of DAE, Francis Taylor, said the global exchange company was prepared for the growth of the Asian timeshare and vacation ownership market with a strong presence in the region.

“Asia is now established as the world’s major growth market for tourism and leisure,” said Mr Taylor. “There is no doubt, with the sheer size and demographic of the Asian region, they will also be the largest vacation ownership market in the world.

“DAE is already well-positioned in Asia, with three offices, located in Thailand, China and India, witnessing first-hand the increasing demand from both domestic consumers and industry, and the peaking interest in Asia as a destination.

“To develop strongly and sustainably, however, vacation ownership in Asia requires a whole-of-industry approach, and cooperation from varying forms of government in the region.

“With the right regulation in place from the beginning, the industry can hit the ground running in Asia, allowing vacation ownership and exchange to thrive, rather than experience the rocky start that occurs in so many new markets.”

The conference’s theme, Building the Platform For Growth, explored emerging consumer and destination trends, the case for regulation, and the future prospects for resort development and shared ownership across Asia.

Daniel Chou, Director of DAE Thailand said, “It was very interesting and educational to hear industry leaders sharing their perspectives on how China and ASEAN are driving the tourism growth in the region, and what will be required to be part of the success.”

DAE’s Regional Head of India, Prakash Balachandran concurred. “The conference was well attended and the positivity and increasing interest in Asia and China in particular was very encouraging. There were a lot of meaningful discussions on doing business in an ethical and proper which is the way DAE always does business,” he said.

Yang Chen, Head of DAE China, said the conference provided a valuable insight into exactly how China and other Asian countries were growing in the marketplace. “The conference highlighted the future trends of the vacation ownership industry both in terms of product development and sales and marketing,” he said. “DAE, as a leading worldwide exchange company, will continue its efforts to contribute to the growth of this industry.”

“The opportunity is already upon us,” added Mr Taylor. “The benefits of vacation ownership to the economy are well known – from the money generated through sales and products being built, to attracting tourists – who in turn spend money and create employment. It’s a win-win and now is the time to work hard to get it right for this most important market.”

About DAE (Dial An Exchange)

DAE has grown significantly since it first opened its doors in 1997. A strong focus on quality customer service has led to their continued growth as over 50% of their new memberships have been the result of personal referrals. Today, the company services over 1 million timeshare owners (including 450,000 direct members) at resorts and clubs through 12 offices worldwide, and is a truly viable option for all timeshare, points and fractional owners to exchange their weeks and points or credits products. DAE’s robust set of membership benefits makes it easy for owners to truly enjoy their vacation ownership experience. Their simple, flexible and innovative direct to consumer approach has evolved into a range of business development and support tools for their business partners such as resorts, management companies and Home Owners Associations who are looking for a competitive edge to support their rapid growth.

DAE offers a value added Gold Advantage benefits program along with low exchange fees, a 3-year credit for every banked week, 24/7 live access to exchange weeks, personalized customer service, worldwide vacation availability, discounted rental weeks in prime locations and informative monthly e-Newsletters providing travel tips, destination ideas and money saving promotions and offers. At DAE, the timeshare owners’ needs come first and foremost and quality of service is never compromised. For more information, please visit http://daelive.com.