C.A.R.E., The Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers, recently attended the AMDETUR Convention in Mexico City from June 12-14 at the Westin Santa Fe.  While C.A.R.E.’s initial goal of attending industry events is to meet with or garner new prospective members; C.A.R.E. also finds the importance in mingling with existing C.A.R.E. Members as well as each of C.A.R.E.’s global association partners.

President Linda Mayhugh was C.A.R.E.’s representative for this global convention and while there she met with the executives of C.A.R.E.’s association partners:  AMDETUR, ARDA and CVOA (AVO unable to attend).  President Mayhugh said, “I find that meeting with each of these associations, in person, as often as possible creates a bond that becomes very beneficial when the need arises to work together on higher levels.  The stronger we are when banded together, the greater benefit for our respective members and our entire industry.”  Mayhugh’s confidence in these agreements could suffice on a “handshake” but official agreements are a necessary formality; so, while in Mexico City she and Carlos Trujillo Balmaseda (Executive President of AMDETUR) solidified their annual reciprocal agreement.

Mexico’s newest association, ACOTUR, became the fifth reciprocal partnership for C.A.R.E. when its President and ACOTUR President Mauricio Carreon officially signed an agreement during the AMDETUR Convention.  The objective of ACOTUR is to bring together individuals and/or corporations, whether business owners, operators, construction companies, promoters, marketers, consultants, real estate developers or any association that has the varied activities of vacation clubs as its principal focus, which includes but are not limited to: vacation club, discount club, real estate trust club, travel club and/or all-inclusive companies.  C.A.R.E. is looking forward to working with ACOTUR and supporting their mission of inclusion, communication and transparency in promoting the growth and development of its members.  ACOTUR’s Executive Director Felipe Baquedano Sosa stated, “We look forward to working together and start exchanging valuable information and initiatives for both associations.”

President Mayhugh also participated in an Industry Association Work Table moderated by: Fernando Azcona Lizárraga (Tafer Resorts).  Participants also included:  Howard Nusbaum (ARDA), Jon Zwickel (CVOA), Patricia de la Peña Sánchez (ACLUVAQ), Eduardo Flores Peña (ASUDESTICO), Lic. Mauricio Carreón Lavalle (ACOTUR) and AMDETUR Executive President Carlos Trujillo Balmaseda was a secondary sideline participant and supporter as he served as emcee for the majority of the AMDETUR Convention.  This group discussed the primary weaknesses and strengths of our industry.  Each participant shared derivatives that their association might use to overcome the weaknesses and to capitalize on the strengths.  One big topic the panel addressed from each perspective was that of the secondary market (resales/trade-in/transfers).  Each association executive realizes the importance of attention to this subject matter and all intend to put the time and resources necessary to clean up a very neglected segment of our industry.  In the end, all associations agreed that they need to continually work together to become stronger and globally protect our industry.

About C.A.R.E.

Established in 1985, (C.A.R.E.), the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers, is one of the industry’s leading associations in ethical standards and value propositions. Its internationally diverse member base includes Resort Developers, Management and Exchange Companies, HOA’s, Travel Clubs and Wholesalers as well as many respected industry suppliers bringing value-added revenue enhancement opportunities. Members that possess rentable inventory or seek inventory for fulfillment of rental requests set the foundation of C.A.R.E. with a multitude of scenarios for securing client vacations, increased inventory utilization and heightened yield management. C.A.R.E. members have the ability to share inventory via week-to-week exchanges, weekly wholesale rentals, guaranteed and free-sale blocks as well as year-round and seasonal leases all over the world. C.A.R.E. members must comply with a strict Code of Standards and Ethics and will undoubtedly gain professional and personal development by attending C.A.R.E. Conferences. With nominal annual membership fees and some of the industry’s lowest conference registration rates, C.A.R.E. can prove an undeniable value and return.

Contact: President Linda Mayhugh / lmayhugh@care-online.org / 800-636-5646 ext.700 / www.care-online.org