SPI OrangeTimeshare/vacation ownership software provider SPI Software recently introduced Orange Dashboards, a state-of-the-art Web dashboard tool enabling developers, HOAs, project directors, resort managers, sales and marketing executives to obtain business performance metrics in real time, 24/7. Dashboards are easily configurable to provide mobile, web accessible Business Intelligence (B.I.) from any department including marketing, sales, accounts receivable and reservations or across multiple business areas.

“Having access to real-time data leads to better decision-making due to increased visibility of operations,” says Christie Lodge CFO John Lee. “We will be able to spot trends with easy historical comparisons, plus it’s great to have real-time information rather than having to run reports and hunt down data with queries.”

“The SPI dashboard is really going to help us reduce the time spent reading and analyzing reports,” adds Christie Lodge IT Manager Vania Sarieva. “Plus I like the fact that the dashboards can be configured to serve our needs.”

“The Orange Dashboard represents the next evolution of our increasingly user-friendly, cost-effective SPI Software management toolbox,” says SPI CEO Richard Corso. “This new B.I. tool is part of SPI’s product development pipeline that has many positive and relevant surprises in store for our partner resorts.”

“Orange Dashboards have received a very positive reaction from existing client partners and new installations,” observes SPI VP of Sales Matt Brosious. “It’s a very powerful management tool that provides exceptional visibility of key performance indicators (KPI) and helps spot trends with easy-to-read graphs on a browser, tablet or smart phone.”

About SPI Software
SPI Software provides resort developers and operators of timeshare, vacation clubs and mixed use properties with Web-based and Microsoft.NET-based software solutions.  The enterprise software suite Orange includes modules for marketing, sales, property management, finance, maintenance fee and receivables servicing, centralized reservations and owner website access.

Founded in 1978 and based in Miami, FL, SPI may be reached at 305-858-9505, or sales@spiinc.com.