Orlando, Florida – March 28, 2013 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) – With a 3-year window to use a banked week, no fees for banking and a request-first system, the company continues to advance the timeshare exchange business.

Global timeshare exchange company Dial An Exchange (DAE) continues to significantly alter the evolution of the exchange business through the enhancement of its banked week system.

The system by which owners can bank, or deposit, their weeks into the exchange pool is a crucial component of the service and, through the development of its exclusive free membership service, the process of banking a week has now been refined to include several consumer-friendly aspects such as:

  • No fee for banking a week
  • A 3-year timeframe in which to exchange the banked week
  • A request-first system where banking a week is not necessary until after requested accommodation is located
  • Exchange costs are only required after an exchange is confirmed

This innovative approach to the way timeshare owners use their weeks to exchange is an important game-changer for the industry according to DAE Chief Executive Officer Francis Taylor.

“Our outlook has always been to put the consumer first and develop products and programs that make the process of exchange easier and cost-effective for owners,” said Taylor. “We hear feedback from new members that come to us after being frustrated with the process, especially when they have had to pay up-front fees just to join an exchange provider and not get the exchange they were looking for.”

“That’s why we have developed a free membership program which allows our members to search for what they want, bank their week and not have to pay until after the exchange process has been finalized,” added Taylor.

DAE’s entire membership signup and exchange service can be enacted through the company’s website at http://daelive.com with accommodation search and exchanges taking place through a real time online booking service. For those owners looking for the personal service of an exchange consultant, they can call DAE directly by contacting the regional office of their choice. Contact information is available at http://www.daelive.com/helpdesk/contactus.aspx