Nothing says “I value you” better than when companies take the time to look for ways to create personalised and memorable experiences for their customers.

Timeshare owners in the WorldMark South Pacific Club across the South Pacific have been surprised this week with Christmas presents waiting for them in their resort accommodation.

“From Fiji to Coffs Harbour, Phillip Island to Rotorua, apartments across the club’s 32 resorts were selected at random and we surprised and delighted the guests with gifts,” said Bruce Harkness, Senior Vice President of HR & Customer Experience at Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific.

“Holidays are about making memories, and we wanted to find a way to make our club owners’ time together extra special. The gifts included traditional card games and board games, which were carefully selected to enhance our owners’ holidays and encourage family bonding,” he added.

With close to 60,000 owner families, WorldMark South Pacific Club is the leading vacation ownership club and timeshare provider in the South Pacific region and is exclusively developed, managed and marketed by Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific.

A multi-billion dollar global industry, vacation ownership has seen a rapid rise in popularity over the past decade as cost-conscious consumers switch to club vacations as a way to save money over a lifetime of holidays.

The Wyndham model grants club owners yearly vacation credits to access holiday accommodation across a network of WorldMark South Pacific Club resorts, for the life of the Club (until 2080). These credits can be used to access accommodation at any of the 32 resorts throughout the Asia Pacific region that are in the Club’s portfolio.

About Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific

Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific develops, markets and sells vacation ownership interests across a network of 32 vacation ownership resorts in the Asia Pacific region, serving close to 60,000 owners in the WorldMark South Pacific Club. It also manages a collection of hotel and resort properties and mixed-use timeshare and hotel developments in the Asia Pacific region.