With data and privacy protection issues dominating the online world this year, protecting customer data has never been more scrutinized than it is now. Licensed timeshare resale brokerage Timeshare Broker Associates (TBA) has implemented a strict data protection plan to maintain the privacy of its customers, while continuing to allow for dialog leading to sales.

“One of the primary reasons to use a licensed broker is because of the accountability concerning consumer data,” according to TBA Managing Broker Jason Connolly. “Unlike typical online resellers, we have oversight at the state level which means our listing agreements and purchase and sales agreements must be in accordance with state law.”

The company has created a system by which a prospective buyer can place an online inquiry on a specific timeshare for sale, but the buyer must include their personal information along with the offered purchase amount. This protects the sellers from unscrupulous companies looking to enact tactics known as phishing scams. Owners looking to sell also provide their name and contact details online, and this information is verified when agents follow up with the sellers as well as buyers. All details are not only confirmed by the agents, but protected within the proprietary CMS system privately built to secure the integrity of the database.

“Consumer data, in light of the problems with Facebook’s data management, is top of mind for many people. A recent Pew Research Center study revealed that 44 percent of Facebook users under 29, and 26 percent of users overall, deleted their Facebook app from their phones over the past year. So consumers are not going to put up with online privacy difficulties.

“It’s no secret that customer data in the timeshare industry has been a point of contention for years, as personal information somehow makes its way from legitimate to illegitimate companies. Our system is encrypted with SSL and provides the most secure platform in the timeshare resale industry, so consumers can feel confident that their privacy concerns are satisfied,” added Connolly.

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About Timeshare Broker Associates

Timeshare Broker Associates, LLC works to provide timeshare owners with a way to sell their timeshares using a traditional real estate brokerage approach. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and with a sales office in Orlando, TBA uses a network of timeshare brokers and FSBO resale avenues to match up timeshare sellers with buyers, specializing in premium Florida-based timeshares such as Wyndham, Disney, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Westin branded resorts.

A member in good standing with the National Association of Realtors and a Broker Member of the American Resort Development Association, the friendly staff of TBA licensed agents can provide information to help owners set a good asking price and get their timeshare sold. The company works exclusively on a commission-only basis, which means no up-front fees, and does not get paid unless the timeshare is sold. For more information about Timeshare Broker Associates, please visit https://www.timesharebrokerassociates.com/ or call 877-624-6889.