iStock_000016934859_MediumThe timeshare resale advertiser has an automated way for owners to arrive at an asking price to sell their timeshare.

One of the most frustrating aspects for owners looking to sell their timeshare is establishing an asking price. So timeshare resale advertising company has taken steps to help owners through a free tool available on its website.

Through an automated form on the website, owners can see what the average asking price is for their timeshare from the timeshares being advertised on the resale provider’s website. Owners simply enter their resort information and ownership specifics into the system and the site will arrive at an average – helping owners with a starting point for selling their timeshare.

“Unlike real estate, there is no multiple listing service for timeshares so owners often have a difficult time establishing their asking price,” said President and CEO Wes Kogelman. “State regulation prohibits our staff from pricing properties, so we have created a way that owners can gauge an asking price for themselves through the timeshares already for sale on our site.”

By going to the website page an owner will see the form on the right margin of the page. Through entering their resort information, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and the usage (annual, biennial, etc.), the system will calculate the average asking price. Points owners can also use this tool as the fields adjust based on the resort name entered into the relevant field.

“With over one million visitors to our website each year, we clearly have the traffic to help sellers connect with buyers. But sellers still need to have a realistic asking price if they hope to sell their timeshare. That’s where this tool can really help,” added Kogelman.

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