March 27, 2017 – America’s Trains Inc. (ATs) has introduced unique features that eliminate perceived timeshare ownership deterrents from its luxury Journey by Rail train timeshares (Train’Shares).


Barry Jones, CEO of ATs, said “Train’Share owners aren’t stuck with the same vacation location each year because they have a choice of Journeys traveling on 20,000 miles of tracks throughout the US and into Canada; vacations can also be exchanged through RCI. If an owner doesn’t use or exchange an annual Journey by Rail they can give the vacation to the owners association and not pay any annual fees; the association recovers related costs by selling the Journey as an individual vacation to preexisting consumers. ATs guarantees that annual fees won’t exceed owner approved amounts and will pay the difference if they do; and, ATs will buy back a Train’Share if an owner doesn’t enjoy Journey vacations.”


The availability of diverse Journeys by Rail will continue to grow as ATs rebuilds about 49 passenger cars that travel on expanding routes as part of Amtrak trains and other railroads. Journeys include extended layovers at intriguing en-route destinations, where cars are dropped off by one and picked up by a subsequent Amtrak or other train, allowing passengers to live on board while enjoying an endless choice of unique off-car experiences.


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