INTUITION Customer Engagement & Reputation ManagementOrlando, Florida, October 26, 2017 – (INTUITION) – INTUITION, a powerful Customer Engagement Solution that is changing the way hotels and resorts communicate with guests and manage online reputation has partnered with AST, a leader in team alignment and communication from the sports industry to employee culture in large corporate organizations.

For the first time, this new strategic partnership explores the relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction to produce clear areas for improvement across all aspects of hotel and resort operations.

INTUITION provides critical data capture, customer feedback and advanced analytics that enables clients to quickly and accurately make adjustments to their business in order to improve customer experience and ultimately revenue.

However, many of the common areas for improvement involve some aspect of employee interaction or service with customers and so AST will incorporate INTUITION data into their employee development and corporate culture programs, adding another layer of personalization to each client strategy – rebuilding teams based on real world, real time customer feedback from their own guests.

For over 25 years, using the AST’s “Invent Your Future” process, founder and CEO Jim Madrid has worked successfully with professional sports teams, athletes, hotels, resorts and large brand corporations to achieve unprecedented, record breaking results.

“Having explored the untapped relationship between employee satisfaction and customer experience with INTUITION through existing mutual clients, it became apparent that the synergy between the two is universal, and understanding that relationship can lead to significant improvement in employee engagement, productivity and culture.” Says Jim Madrid, Founder, AST. “Working with the insightful analytics provided by INTUITION, we can curate our employee programs specifically to each client, and implement powerful team strategies. Creating a one-team, one direction culture.”

The strategic partnership proactively encourages companies to do more with the data they collect and understand the importance of investment in employee engagement as an essential brand strategy.

“We have seen first-hand the incredible impact that AST has on our client’s bottom line and so are very excited to improve client offerings through this collaboration, which brings into play new key performance indicators and data relationships that have not previously been explored.” Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, INTUITION Brand Marketing. “We track the customer journey, dissecting their experience and identify areas for improvement, but now to be able to work with the front line employees and senior management to assist with solutions is a direction we have been looking at, and AST is the perfect partner for this.”

As a whole, INTUITION’s powerful business intelligence platform takes the complication out of understanding customer data, and empowers each operational department to make improvements and business decisions much faster, increasing efficiency, revenue and improving reputation.

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Trusted by companies around the globe, INTUITION is changing the way hotels and resorts communicate with their guests through custom-built customer engagement strategies that increase revenue and improve brand reputation. By interacting with guests at various points along the customer journey, INTUITION provides advanced insights into the experience you deliver and identifies areas for improvement across the spectrum of resort operations. Using its powerful business intelligence platform, INTUITION combines newly generated data with your existing data to produce deep dive analytics and scheduled reporting that empowers departments to make accurate business decisions based on unified data. For more information visit