Music in our world
Music is a part of the fabric of our society. The intrinsic value of music for each individual is widely recognised in the many cultures that make up South Africa; indeed all human cultures use music to express and illustrate their ideas and ideals. The importance of music to our economy is without doubt. And the value of music in shaping individual abilities and character is widely visible. Success in society is of course predicated on success in school. Any music teacher or parent of a music student will understand how the study of music helps children become better students overall. Mastering the discipline of music improves concentration, communication and cognitive skills – enhancing the learning experience across the whole curriculum.

Enhancements resulting from your generous donations
At Christel House South Africa, we recognise the general benefits of music and also the impact music has on social therapy. The need for brass instruments was particularly great since these are popular instruments in our children’s communities. Latterly the government-mandated CAPS curriculum now emphasises the importance of music and musical instruction within our education system. With your generous gifts we are now far ahead of other schools and our children will be well prepared for this new learning experience.

The music department has broadened our music programme in two stages. This meant introducing instruction in brass instruments also in two phases. First, we provided instruction to learners in Grades 8 and 9. One group started with trumpets and another group started on trombones. The second stage included ensemble play, where students learned to read music and to perform together.

The students can now read music and we have expanded the programme to include more learners and instruction on saxophone and recorder. One of our greatest accomplishments after the inception of our School Brass Band was the creation of a Marching Band, both of which perform at special Assemblies and for prestigious visits and events that take place at the School.

Extra tuition resources secured for the long-term
Your funds have also enabled Christel House South Africa to expand music tuition; we have a dedicated, full-time Head of Music, Peter Davey, supported by 2 extra tutors who are helping develop the students’ skills. Our tutors are Mr. Albertus, expert on the Saxophone and other brass instruments, and Mr Kyle Daniels, expert on the Trumpet and other brass. Mr Davey is especially involved with the School Band and the Marching Band when we have special Assemblies and performances that require a great deal of extra coaching and rehearsing.
How we have evolved
Our very earliest music programme started back in 2013 with a handful of learners in Grade 8 on trumpet and Grade 9 on trombone. In 2014 and 2015, thanks to the contributions made by the Friends of Ron Haylock, we
have been able to expand so that all students in Grades 8–10 can learn saxophone, trumpet and trombone.

5 year plan for the music programme:
The donations that you made will allow us to continue increasing access for our students. The impact of your generosity cannot be overstated: you have helped CHSA achieve a dream: to become a school where every child can have the chance to play a musical instrument. As we report now, in 2015, around 325 students in Grades 7–11 are able to access learning on recorders, euphoniums, saxophones, trumpets and trombones. Because of you, the
School proudly owns 93 brass instruments, 8 sets of percussion instruments for the Marching Band and more than 200 recorders. In 2016, we will introduce learners in Grade 6 to recorders which will increase the number of students playing a musical instrument by a further 60.
Special Music Camps
Twice a year, we will have a music camp on the Farm (a safe, peaceful off-campus facility where students can stay and study intensively for special examinations and projects) to expose all musicians to the different instruments and practice their skills individually and as an ensemble.

Dedication of the Ron Haylock Music Room
There will soon be a great opportunity for our young musicians to showcase their progress. Christel House South Africa will be hosting a Special Assembly on Wednesday 11th November 2015, during Christel DeHaan’s next visit to our School. Donors, sponsors and potential donors are warmly invited to join us. We envisage having the Marching Band lead visitors into the School Hall. Musical performances will form a vital part of this Special Assembly, giving an opportunity to enjoy and experience at firsthand what is being achieved in Ron Haylock’s name. We will formally be dedicating our Music Room to his memory on this day and the Honour Boards listing the names of all his friends who chose to donate, together with the tribute to him, will be unveiled for all to see. It will, we know, be a fitting and lasting reminder of his devotion to Christel House, to South Africa and to access to music for all.

If you are interested in joining us for this special event, please contact Vivienne Noyes-Thomas at Christel House Europe, email address for further information.
We also welcome visitors to our School by prior arrangement at any time if you are unable to join us in November.

In his private life as well as his business life, Ron Haylock earned the respect and friendship of many around the world. We would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to all those Friends of Ron Haylock who, in his memory, are helping to bring the gift of music to the children in our School.

Nicky Sheridan, CEO, Christel House South Africa Peter Davey, Head of Music, Christel House South Africa