Members Enjoy Savings On Average Of 78 Percent

Orlando, Florida – February 26, 2014 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) – Looking for hot deals on winter getaways? Now, there’s a way to find accommodations in top vacation spots – at an average savings of 78 percent off the retail rate.

An innovative new travel club – Freedom Resort Club ( – gives people who love to travel all the benefits of a luxury vacation club at a fraction of the cost. Members gain access to more than 200,000 resort condos around the globe at an average savings of 78 percent and 300,000 hotels at savings of up to 40 percent.

Without access to Freedom Resort Club discounts, a family might stay at a 4 – 5-star resort condo for an average of $393 per night or $2,750 per week. By comparison, Freedom Resort Club members can stay at resort condos that normally rent for $2,750 per week for a dramatically reduced rate of $14 – $85 per night or, on average, just $98 – $595 weekly.

Freedom Resort Club vacation options include surf and sand, mountains, national parks, theme parks, cities, spas, golf resorts and more, in leading destinations throughout North America, Mexico, the Caribbean and elsewhere around the globe. Accommodations range from luxury hotel rooms to villas, condos and specialty lodgings with fully equipped kitchens, comfortable living and dining areas and extra bedrooms.

Low-Cost, Low-Pressure

Joining a travel club can be pricey with long-term commitments. On a mission to make luxury travel affordable, Freedom Resort Club offers well-priced memberships at three levels to fit different travel budgets. Members at all levels pay an initial lost cost fee and dues of just $47 per month.

Memberships are on a month-to-month basis and can be canceled for any reason at any time. This easy-in, easy-out approach gives members the “freedom” to enjoy club benefits and luxury vacations for as little or as long as they want.

To join, Freedom Resort Club invites prospective members watch a brief online video at their convenience at home or wherever they have Internet access. At the end of the video, viewers who want to join can choose the membership level that’s right for them and quickly become part of an exciting club with a network of thousands of luxury resorts and members-only discounts of up to 78 percent off retail prices.

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About Freedom Resort Club

Freedom Resort Club is a multi-destination vacation/travel club providing an array of discounted resorts in top destinations at an average savings of 78 percent off the retail rate. While patterned after many well-known vacation clubs, Freedom Resort Club offers notable exceptions: Membership can be canceled at any time, and members can call or go online anywhere to book and access all other Club benefits and services. This innovative approach drastically simplifies the reservation process and makes possible significant savings for members. With a mission to provide low-cost, full-service resort accommodations and hotel stays, Freedom Resort Club offers memberships at several levels to fit different travel budgets. For more information visit