Classic Holidays has launched a redesigned online member platform, making it easier for members to search and book holidays online.

The new website will give Classic Holidays members a simplified way to search for holiday availability at Club Properties across Australia and New Zealand as well as exchange resorts and international holiday destinations.

In addition, the new Travel Marketplace will give members the opportunity to access non-accommodation related travel products through Points & Play, including cruises, tours, travel packages and car hire that can be purchased using their holiday currency.

Classic Holidays CEO Ramy Filo said the Resort, Club and Member Management company was now showcasing the full suite of holiday products available to their members like never before.

“At Classic Holidays, we are constantly looking at how we can improve the membership experience for our member families across Australasia, and this new website takes it to the next level of online service,” said Mr Filo.

“The new site caters to both types of members – those who know when and where they want to go and those who prefer to make a decision based on what is available, giving more options and flexibility to our members,” he said.

“This online portal not only gives Classic members the opportunity to explore availability to suit their holiday preferences, it also gives them invaluable information about their membership at their fingertips, 24/7.

“Our members asked for more control and we delivered, establishing a new online platform that will give Classic Holidays members the ability to access all the benefits of their membership from the comfort of their home.”

Members can access the new website by signing into the Members Login area at

About Classic Holidays

Classic Holidays is Australasia’s largest Resort and Club Management Company, with over 65,000 member families and more than 30 properties under management across Australia and New Zealand. Classic Holidays provides flexible and affordable membership options for families to enjoy the highest quality holidays throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Part of the award-winning Beneficium group of companies, Classic Holidays has been named Best Management Company for six consecutive years in the global timeshare industry’s prestigious Perspective Magazine Awards, as well as Best Overall Company in 2017.

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