INTUITION Brand Marketing to Release Major Upgrade to Survey & Online Review ServiceINTUITION, the vacation club industry leader in customer engagement strategies, with clients spanning six continents has announced two additional services available from October 2018.

Following an active year of expansion that included enhancements and new services such as Non-Buyer and Referral Programs, and the addition of Vacation SafeGuard Loyalty Cash Back Program via a strategic partnership, INTUITION is determined to finish the year even stronger with another two services being rolled out in Q4.

The first of the new services is a cleverly structured SMS and Mobile Web-Based customer engagement service that has several applications. Available as an on-site marketing tool for checked-in guests, customers can access a variety of custom services quickly by texting a keyword to a short code number (e.g. Text HELP to 123456). By texting a particular keyword to the number the guest will instantly receive either relevant information or a web link where they can take additional action, such as making a request from a particular department, asking questions of member services, or even more efficiently making a complaint. All links provided lead to professionally built, fully client-branded, mobile landing pages that provide clear information or directions to the guest, enhancing their resort experience and reducing queue time at front desk. Resorts can also use this system for easy and accurate data capture that can then power other INTUITION communication services, as well as run competitions and giveaways to on-site guests, keeping them interested and engaged in on-site activities.

The same service can also be used by OPCs and passive in-house programs to promote offers to take a sales presentation (e.g. Text WIN to 123456) from anywhere, the airport, the mall, from a magazine ad, digital signage or in-room tent card. The customer will then provide their contact info to win which can either return an immediate WIN notification or can fuel a call center. Everything is customizable to suit the individual client’s needs.

The second service is a simplified version of INTUITION’s advanced survey offerings. The single question survey, based on the industry standard Net Promoter Score, plus a comment box enables resorts to do a quick happiness check of every guest currently on-site at any time, or the same can be applied to a whole membership base.

In both cases, the purpose is to then take advantage of INTUITION’s powerful marketing automation that triggers actions in real time based on feedback. This enables resorts to immediately react to any guest that is not having a good experience, which otherwise may have gone unnoticed, allowing the resort time to resolve the situation before receiving a negative online review. For the whole membership health-check, this again can show levels of satisfaction, and drive messaging to unhappy members to help re-engage them, and special offers to those that indicated they would be traveling again soon.

“There are near infinite possibilities for engaging customers with our two new services. All campaigns are custom-built to match the needs of our clients, and the automated real-time engagement then funnels guests in the direction you want them to take to drive additional revenue, and monitor and improve satisfaction – faster than ever before.” Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, INTUITION Brand Marketing.

INTUITION also offers a wealth of sales center services, including the Evaluate Sales Performance (ESP) Survey, with automated non-buyer and referral programs, plus advanced analytics that shows areas for improvement in sales presentations, individual salespeople, teams and tour providers. Additionally, INTUITION offers the first and only 100% Cash Back Program backed by insurance for vacation club sales operations through Vacation SafeGuard, a strategic partner. The program gives the member a guaranteed, tangible cash value that they work towards by remaining loyal to the resort or club where they currently own. This significantly improves first day sales, gives a new reason to upgrade and increases the average length of a membership, thereby generating more annual fees and ancillary transactions per average member per year.

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