August 24, 2017, Orlando, Fl – (INTUITION) – Jane A. Garcia, part of the INTUITION Brand Marketing team has been appointed as Director of Tourism for the Municipality of Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo.

Mayor Remberto Estrada Barba welcomed Jane A. Garcia to the new role on August 23rd, 2017. The role tasks Garcia to promote economic and tourism strategies and further strengthen relationships between the tourism sector and City Council, Government and Private Businesses.

Ms. Garcia, who consults as head of Business Development for Latin America at INTUITION Brand Marketing, is a well-known hospitality industry professional who brings 23 plus years of sales and marketing, leadership management and training experience to the new tourism role. Her involvement with internationally recognized organizations and associations are regularly acknowledged.

Skål International, the world’s largest group of professionals in tourism, has bestowed a series of awards to Ms. Garcia, including the Worldwide Merit Award 2016, at their World Congress event in Monaco. She has served as President of Skål International Cancun, and more recently founded and serves as President of Skål International Isla Mujeres – Puerto Morelos.

Ms. Garcia also gives her time to participate on numerous committees, including Organizing Committee for AMDETUR’s annual conference for the vacation ownership industry; Counsellor, Vacation Ownership for Mexican Federation of Tourism Quintana Roo; Member of the Women’s Association of Business Tourism Executives (AFEET QROO) and more.

“We congratulate Jane on her significant appointment to Director of Tourism for the Municipality of Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo. Through her expansive relationships and perpetual networking in the hospitality and tourism industries, she will be an incredible asset to this new role.” Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, INTUITION Brand Marketing. “As INTUITION already works with many hotels and resorts in the region, and is currently expanding its physical presence in Cancun, we look forward to seeing where our company can further assist in promoting tourism in Quintana Roo.”

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INTUITION Brand Marketing LLC, the company behind the innovative guest engagement service for the hospitality industry which is headquartered in Orlando, Florida already provides its services to nearly 100 hotels and resorts in Latin America and has recently confirmed commitment to further expansion and increased support for existing clients across the region.

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Trusted by companies around the globe, INTUITION is changing the way hotels and resorts communicate with their guests through custom-built customer engagement strategies that increase revenue and improve brand reputation. By interacting with guests at various points along the customer journey, INTUITION provides advanced insights into the experience you deliver and identifies areas for improvement across the spectrum of resort operations. Using its powerful business intelligence platform, INTUITION combines newly generated data with your existing data to produce deep dive analytics and scheduled reporting that empowers departments to make accurate business decisions based on unified data. For more information visit