A new industry body aimed at representing the timeshare industry in Asia Pacific has been officially formed.

Incorporated in Singapore in May 2018, the Asia Pacific Resort Development Organisation (APRDO) is the first overarching organization in Asia Pacific to support and promote the timeshare industry in the region, provide a framework that fosters innovation and regulation in the industry and ensures that business practices are being conducted to the highest ethical standards.

The organization has set forth the following key objectives:

Support country timeshare organizations – Currently 7 countries in the Asia Pacific region have timeshare organizations; APRDO will partner with them to support their cause and priorities. It also endeavors to encourage and facilitate the establishment of new timeshare associations in key markets in the region.

Influence industry regulation – A favorable regulatory environment for timeshare practices will make it attractive for existing businesses and potential investors. In the near term, the organization will work in collaboration with existing country timeshare organizations to support their efforts. In the long term, the organization will be proactive in its efforts to influence timeshare regulations in target countries and provide a guideline for countries interested in establishing regulations to ensure the healthy development of the timeshare industry in this region.

Point of contact for the industry and governments – APRDO will represent and serve as a central, common voice for the timeshare industry in Asia Pacific, and as a feedback channel to the Government.

Provide research, education and information exchange within the industry and with government bodies – this is important to ensure that best practices are shared to grow the marketplace for the timeshare industry, especially in emerging markets.

Self-regulation – APRDO will establish a code of conduct to govern and set best practices standards for the timeshare industry in Asia Pacific.

Founding members of the new organization include representatives from businesses across the timeshare industry, who will determine the strategy, working policy and code of ethics of the organization.

The executive committee of the organization includes –

President – Bill Minnock, Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Vice President – Jonathan Mills, RCI

Treasurer – Joe Hickman, Interval International

Secretary – Gisle Sarheim, Hilton Grand Vacations

Associate Director – Paul Dean, Dean and Associates

Associate Director – Shin Siow, Wyndham Hotel Group

“APRDO is designed to be a strong, professional organization that will be both effective in representing its Members and be a respected voice in advocating for the continued success of the timeshare industry”, says Bill Minnock, President of APRDO. “Through APRDO, we can build even greater consumer awareness and confidence in timeshare as a viable alternative to traditional vacation products.”

For more information on APRDO or on becoming a member, please contact Jonathan Mills at jonathan.mills@rci.com or any of the executive committee members.