JiffyDocs.com, a Timeshare Pro Plus company, says TheMVPService LLC is using its online software to produce documents related to the sale of inventory. According to JiffyDocs.com and Timeshare Pro Plus Co-owner and CEO Dave Heine, the production of sale contracts and financial documentation can be produced in a matter of minutes. The system can also be used to produce any additional related documentation such as those having to do with exchange company relationships or trade-in transactions.

“We priced out what the cost would be to acquire similar software,” says TheMVPService LLC VP of Administration Dana Takacs. “We found that it would cost well into six figures to buy a system that does everything JiffyDocs.com can do for us. And the service is terrific. It just takes minutes to produce documentation that will be accurate and thorough.”

“We offer four independent software modules under our Timeshare Pro Plus umbrella, including JiffyDocs.com,” says Heine. “Our other modules – RequestMyEstoppel.com, HoldMyEschrow.com and the Owner-to-Owner module OwnerTransfers.com – can operate independently of one another, plus the title transfer module of Timeshare Pro Plus can transmit the necessary data to any title company.”

ABOUT TIMESHARE PRO PLUS                                  

Timeshare Pro Plus, the only patented software designed exclusively for the timeshare industry, offers RequestMyEstoppel.com, JiffyDocs.com, HoldMyEscrow.com and Owner to Owner (ownertransfers.com) as integrated or stand-alone modules.  As the company motto states, ‘Our software saves Time, Paper and Postage for our clients.’ For more information, contact Dave Heine at Dave@Timeshareproplus.com or 800-973-3316.


In June of 2007, Joe and Dana Takacs formed TheMVPService, LLC, a company dedicated to establishing a broad scale commissions based timeshare secondary market without the ridiculous pressure offered in so many places. Today, MVP is proud to be associated with timeshare associations representing over 1,100 units; currently with an onsite focus in FL and NC.


Sharon Scott, RRP; SharonINK PR & Marketing; Sharon@SharonINK.com; 310-923-1269