May 24, 2017 – Timeshare owners in Australia and New Zealand now have access to a new solution for timeshare resales through Timeshare Brokers Pty Ltd, part of the Beneficium (Int) Pty Ltd Group.

Backed by the trusted Beneficium name, Timeshare Brokers have partnered with the world’s largest online timeshare resale company, which receives over a million unique visitors to their web site each year and is responsible for securing over $100 million in sales offers in the past two years. 

Timeshare Brokers have a highly visible retail street presence in various key locations with a concentration of timeshare resorts in both Australia and New Zealand, where personalised information can be gained face to face by both buyers and sellers.

CEO of Beneficium, Ramy Filo, said the launch of a legitimate timeshare resale option would be a welcome boost to the industry. 

“All around the world, timeshare owners are experiencing a lack of options for disposing their timeshare when they have gained the value of that lifestyle investment and can no longer travel,” said Mr Filo.

“In situations where children do not wish to inherit their parents’ timeshare and the resort is not in a position to take back their week, often owners would go to a foreign timeshare reseller. 

“The problem that has surfaced around the world – particularly in the UK and USA – is that unregulated timeshare resellers will take large upfront fees to act as an agent until the week is sold, but fail to sell the timeshare.  

“This has led to countless cases of disappointment for timeshare owners as costs mount and hopes diminish. These unregulated operators have given the industry and specifically the resale market a bad name.”

Beneficium has led the way with a solutions-driven approach for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Through the launch of Timeshare Brokers’ new website, the company will look at each individual case and guide them through the reselling process.  

Providing honest and transparent advice, Timeshare Brokers will determine whether they can take on a week with the honest chance to sell it. If not, alternative options will be explored – from a trade-in or upgrade to a rental program.

“Rather than navigating the minefield of unregulated online resellers, Timeshare Brokers is a name buyers and sellers can trust and has been operating in the resales market in Australia since 1991,” said Mr Filo. 

“Importantly, this service is about matching owners with buyers, and ensuring owners are empowered during the sales process. This is backed by a customer service support team who are there to help on the ground, with an unmatched knowledge of the resale process in the timeshare industry in Australia and New Zealand.   

“Through our extensive worldwide network of contacts and partners, we can assist owners to get the most out of their timeshare, offering a 30 day free trial and a modest monthly admin fee of $19.95 (plus GST) per month during the sales process, with no restrictive contracts and no commissions paid by either buyers or sellers.”

Timeshare Brokers has offices in the following locations: Gold Coast, Queensland; Yarrawonga, Victoria; Port Macquarie, NSW; and Paihai, New Zealand. Phone Toll Free 1800 669854 (AU) or +613 5744 0506 (INTERNATIONAL) or visit for more information. 

Timeshare Brokers Pty Ltd have held an Australian Financial Services License since 1991 (AFSL 246232).

About the Beneficium Group

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