Generator Systems has today announced the launch of the Live View module for its powerful, interactive multi-media sales presentation tool, Generator Presenter.

Generator Systems has been leading the way in the development of interactive sales presenters for over 15 years. With a strong background producing compelling video-based content combined with technical innovation and sales expertise, Generator Presenter has a proven track record in assisting resorts increase sales volumes and closing rates, while reducing cancellations.

The new Live View module, which can be added to the current Generator Presenter, allows sales managers to follow and monitor the sales process from start to finish, in real time and in multiple languages.

Sales managers can see exactly where each member of the sales team is in the sales process and review captured data from Generator’s discovery and financial logic modules.

Live View also provides detailed information on how long each sales representative is spending in each module.

Through an internet connection, Generator Presenter sends live data to the inbuilt metrics tool, allowing sale managers to follow their sales staff remotely from their own device – wherever they are located.

Mike Ashton, Generator Systems senior vice president of sales and marketing explained: “We are delighted with the launch of this additional module to the Generator Presenter system because of the power it gives sales managers to influence their sales process at any time.

“If a resort has identified trends that lead to a no sale, then Live View gives the sales manager the power to see what is happening, step in and positively impact the result – and it’s all live.”

Generator Systems believes that the new module will have a huge impact with a resulting increase in sales volumes and sales representative retention and a reduction in the cost per tour.

Steve Pentland, founder and CEO of Generator Systems added: “Generator has always produced innovative ways for resorts to protect their brand, control their sales message and increase their sales. The launch of Live View, a first for the timeshare industry, is an exciting time for us and will prove to be a key module for our clients.”

Generator Systems is a global, award-winning multimedia company providing sales presentation software that supports the sales person during the sales process, ensuring that a correct and consistent message is always presented to the customer and protecting the resort’s brand and reputation.

Fully interactive and tailored to the needs of the resort, Generator is loaded with bespoke product knowledge, excellent films, creative animations, amazing virtual reality and beautiful imagery.

Supporting the software is a team of sales consultants who specialise in improving the sales process at the resorts. This includes reviewing all current processes and working closely with all levels of the organisation to identify areas of improvement.

For a full demonstration of Generator Presenter and the new Live View module, contact Mike Ashton by email: or phone: +44 (0) 7753 910788

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