Orlando, Florida, January 24, 2017 (INTUITION) – Weeks4Less.com is making timeshares more social by giving people a platform to rent, sell, or buy vacation properties. Users can become owners at a reduced price, rent accommodations just like on bookings website or generate additional revenue by listing their available units.


Online platforms have been giving users the ability to sell and make purchases in a completely digital world. Separate from large corporations, peer-to-peer advertisements for products and services have grown on such a monumental scale that social channels have been able to disrupt the timeshare industry, a concept which began in the 1960s.

Websites such as Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay provide a space for people to search through a huge selection of items for what they want and usually find exactly what they’re looking for at a discounted price. These transactions occur in a peer-to-peer marketplace, where the retailer is advertising their product as a means to make a profit.

Just like making a purchase or sale online, there are always unknown factors in this generation of online shopping, such as the quality of goods or the investment of a startup. Yet the process continues to motivate people to use the website because they are either a) saving money or b) making money.


What does online shopping have to do with the timeshare industry?

Peer-to-peer platforms became successful because they satisfied the needs of two parties, the seller and the buyer. Over 50 years of investments in timeshares is indicative of a large market of vacation owners, and with all of the options available to trade locations, sell weeks, or rent out points in a generation of 24/7 accessible information, there’s room left to evolve and meet the needs of people as a social group.

Weeks4Less is giving vacation owners and travelers just that – a place to find, rent, sell and buy popular properties around the world.


Why would people rent out their timeshare?

People purchase a specific timeshare property which they can use for a certain amount of time every year. Sometimes taking vacation time to get to the hotel or resort can be difficult. Other times owners just want to take their trip somewhere else.

This is when it makes a lot of sense to trade, especially when Weeks4Less makes it so easy. If you want to sell your timeshare all you have to do is register your account, create an ad, and check out. To rent a timeshare just find the resort, contact the ad owner, and congratulations! You’re done.


What types of timeshares are available to rent or buy?

If you’re just looking to find a great vacation spot, you don’t need to own a timeshare to trade. Just go to Weeks4Less.com, click Find Timeshare, and check out the resort directory or browse by the resort, region, or city that you want to explore. All of the inventory advertised by Weeks4Less sellers will give you a photo and description of the unit you can rent so you know exactly what you’re getting for your buy.


Why wait? Go check out Weeks4Less.com or the Weeks4Less app in the Apple App or Google Play Store now so you can check-in to the perfect destination for an even better price.

Visit the site and use the code W4LFREE30 to list your Timeshare for sale or for rent free for the first 30 days!




About Weeks4Less LLC 

Weeks4Less is a technology company that is revolutionizing the availability of timeshare inventory and the connectivity of timeshare buyers and sellers. Through an innovative, consumer friendly business model, sellers can list their available vacation time at a low cost with flexible and short term advertising options, with no commissions imposed on buyers or sellers.