Global vacation exchange provider creates forum to examine the status of the timeshare exchange business and best practices moving forward.

Orlando, Florida – November 23, 2012 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) -London was the scene for the 2012 DAEGlobal Conference as corporate leaders from timeshare exchange company Dial An Exchange (DAE) met with industry executives to share best practices and discuss the growth of the exchange sector of the timeshare industry.

Held in October at the St Ermin’s Hotel, DAE executives gathered from the U.S., South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India and China to meet with their European counterparts from the U.K., Italy and Bulgaria. Together, they debated growth strategies and the success of the company in keeping up with the global growth of the timeshare industry.

Attendees discussed growing inventory, improving product and service offerings and marketing while also meeting with resort developers and corporate partners at an industry reception to gain insight into the current strength of the industry.

Now approaching 450,000 members worldwide, DAE’s progress reflects the worldwide growth in travel and timeshare owner’s desire for easier timeshare exchange transactions.

“The timeshare industry has an 80 percent customer satisfaction rate which means timeshare owners are enjoying the product,” said Francis Taylor, CEO, Dial An Exchange. “What they don’t enjoy is having to pay upfront to become a member of an exchange company just to be able to get the basic exchange information they need to make informed decisions about their holiday planning options.”

“For example, Orlando had 55 million visitors in 2011, which set a record for a single destination, so people are obviously looking at Orlando for a holiday. We have availability in Orlando and other Florida timeshare destinations that anyone can have a look at right now without having to pay. The information is free and they don’t have to pay for a membership in order to research their options,” Taylor added.

DAE’s platform provides free membership for timeshare owners looking to exchange their week for a vacation option from the thousands of choices provided on the DAE website. Banking the week is also free, with payment requested only after the exchange has been confirmed.

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About Dial An Exchange

DAE has grown significantly since it first opened its doors in 1997. A strong focus on quality customer service has led to their continued growth as over 50% of their new memberships have been the result of personal referrals. Today, the company is approaching 450,000 members worldwide and is a truly viable option for all timeshare owners to exchange their weeks and points or credits products. DAE’s robust set of membership benefits makes it easy for timeshare owners to truly enjoy their vacation ownership experience. Their simple, flexible and innovative direct to consumer approach has evolved into a range of business development and support tools for their business partners such as resorts, management companies and Home Owners Associations who are looking for a competitive edge to support their rapid growth.

Membership benefits include a FREE membership option, Gold Advantage membership option, low exchange fees, a 3-year credit for every banked week, 24/7 live access to exchange weeks, personalized customer service, worldwide vacation availability, discounted rental weeks in prime locations and informative monthly e-Newsletters providing travel tips, destination ideas and money saving promotions and offers. At DAE, the timeshare owners’ needs come first and foremost and quality of service is never compromised. For more information, please visit