Orlando, Florida, December 22, 2017 – (INTUITION)  Cyria Group, Inc.; the leading experts in the fulfillment of timeshare ownership trade-ins and transfers for resort developers is ending 2017 on a high note and will be moving forward towards an even more successful 2018.

In June, Cyria Group partnered with INTUITION Brand Marketing; one of the hospitality industry’s most innovative Customer Engagement, Public Relations, and Reputation Management companies. The relationship between Cyria Group and INTUITION has brought more global brand awareness through press release syndication and social media.

For the majority of 2017, the Canadian-based company increased its brand awareness by attending several of the most premier conferences in the timeshare and hospitality industries. In June, Cyria Group headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to join timeshare professionals from around the world at AMDETUR Expo 2017. This year marked AMDETUR’s 30th anniversary and the 27th AMDETUR Expo, with a theme focusing on the transformation of tourism in Mexico.

Two months later, Cyria Group not only attended, but sponsored the Canadian Vacation Ownership Association’s industry conference, VO-Con 2017. While at VO-Con 2017, Cyria Group’s Founder & CEO, Cory Stegemann was elected to both the CVOA Board of Directors and Chair of the Secondary Market. While at VO-Con 2017, Stegemann also lead a panel discussion about how Cyria Group repurposes original inventory, stabilizes the movement of inventory, and generates additional revenue.

To wrap up this year’s conference season, Cyria Group attended and sponsored, C.A.R.E.’s 65th (The Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers) Conference which was held at the Anaheim Marriott Suites in Garden Grove, CA from October 14-17. This year saw an increased relationship between Cyria Group and C.A.R.E., besides being a sponsor for the organization’s Fall conference, Cyria Group’s Vice President of Sales, Jesus Michael Martinez was elected to C.A.R.E’s Board of Directors during the association’s spring conference which took place in Virginia Beach, VA.

Ending the year on a high note, Cory Stegemann announced the launch of NextGen International; a company that will complete the SMS Suite plan, which stands for Secondary Market Solution Suite. It refers to the trifecta of companies (Cyria Group, Genescy Corporation, and NextGen International Corporation) which are set to provide clients with options and solutions for every step of their timeshare journey, whether they are seeking to start it, or looking for industry sustaining solutions to get out of it. The SMS Suite will support the industry at every stop along the way.

Earlier in December, Cyria Group also revealed that they will be a Signature Sponsor for GNEX 2018, which will be held in Miami, F.L. on February 26-28, 2018. This will mark Cyria Group’s first time as sponsor for GNEX. As a Supporting Sponsor, Cyria Group will be participating in a 60 second pitch session, focusing on the format of the SMS Suite and how it fulfills the industry’s need for a viable secondary market solution.

“We are very excited to see what 2018 has to offer for not only Cyria Group, but for all of our companies. With the completion of our SMS Suite, marked by the launch of NextGen, 2018 is all about servicing our clients with more options, and offering support to developers in more ways than one,” says Cory Stegemann, Founder & CEO of Cyria Group.

For four years, Cyria Group has been dedicated to providing developers and consumers effective, credible, and dynamic solutions to trade-in fulfillment that protects and revitalizes all aspects of the industry. Cyria Group’s secure cloud-based software enables developers and owners to track transfers in real time, and offers resale, rental, and inventory recovery agreement programs. Always standing behind its services, Cyria Group is proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

For more information about Cyria Group visit http://www.cyriagroup.com


About Cyria Group, Inc.

Cyria Group is a marketing and sales support company that assists resort developers with the fulfillment of trade-ins and transfers for timeshare intervals, through reliable cloud-based software at point of sale. Cory Stegemann is the Founder & CEO of Cyria Group & also sits on the Board of Directors for the CVOA, and is also the Chair of the Secondary Ownership Committee. Vice President of Cyria Group, Jesus Michael Martinez is also on the Board of Directors for C.A.R.E. With a proven track record, Cyria Group supports ethical and transparent solutions that benefit all parties. For more information visit http://www.cyriagroup.com.