The recently-launched online advertising portal for timeshare resales and rentals,Weeks4Less, expressed the importance of having a server that is HIPPA compliant for data security and meets the requirements of the EU Safe Harbor for data privacy.

“Resort operators who refer timeshare owners to resale agencies with the latest data security measures in-place can be assured they are giving sound advice that will protect their customers’ private information,” says Crystal Faris, vice president of Weeks4Less.

There have historically been a number of players in the resale business who set up a fancy web site, but have little-to-no IT capability or security systems.

“We’re seeking to raise awareness not only about the security and capabilities of our Weeks4Less market place, but also about the many programs we offer:”

  • Weeks4Less is the first online provider that gives timeshare owners a flexible subscription package. They can choose whatever time commitment they like, whether it’s for just one month or for twelve. “It’s really the most economical advertising venue for buying, renting, or re-selling properties,” says Faris. “With Weeks4Less, there’s never another layer in the commissions or fees associated with timeshare sales. The service is the safest way of getting buyers and sellers together in anonymity until both parties are ready to deal directly with each other.”
  • “Additionally, we offer a specialized program for timeshare resorts where the association has access to place listings of available inventory at significantly reduced advertising rates.” Most on-line resale sites have forgotten or have ignored this segment of business and many resorts do not advertise their available inventory outside of their resort.
  • also offers a low advertising rate to licensed timeshare resale brokers for all their ads.

About Weeks4Less, LLC
Weeks4Less, LLC, is a timeshare resale/rental advertising platform using technologically advanced software that is HIPPA compliant and meets all data privacy requirements for U.S. regulations and the EU Safe Harbor Act. For complete details and additional information today, email or call toll free and speak with a customer service representative and ask about the W4L FREE REGISTRATION: 844-933-5745.