The world’s leading privately owned exchange provider, DAE, is expanding B2B services with its reinvigorated DAE Business Solutions program in the US and Canada.

Responsible for DAE’s Business Development in the region, Michelle Caron is driving the company’s focus on flexible solutions to assist resorts as the traditional timeshare exchange model – and customer – evolves.

“When owners don’t get value and results from their exchange company, it negatively impacts on resort bottom lines,” said Ms. Caron. “Maintenance fee payments, receivables and owner engagement all take a hit.”

“That’s why, at DAE, we’ve changed exchange.  We’re a fresh exchange option for owners and resorts who have become frustrated by the impersonal treatment, rising costs and complication involved in the exchange process.”

“It’s part of the reason we have been named the industry’s Best Customer Service provider for six consecutive years at the global Perspective Magazine Awards.”

“With DAE Business Solutions we take our service a step further by showing resorts there are abundant solutions we can provide beyond satisfying owners.”
“Our focus with legacy resorts is to help their bottom line while enhancing their owners’ experience.  We can do that through a range of Revenue Sharing opportunities, and even owner servicing – increasing efficiencies and reducing overheads by using our expertise in exchange.”

“Our Business Solutions program includes ways to increase cash flow for resorts, such as buying unsold inventory blocks and monetizing association-owned inventory.”

“With Revenue Sharing, resorts can simply promote DAE’s suite of products and services using our complimentary marketing materials, and receive financial returns based on a percentage of their owners’ transactions through DAE.”

“Happy owners combined with an opportunity to generate an additional stream of revenue make it a win-win scenario for the resort.”

“DAE can also provide a white label exchange platform that allows resorts to take back their brand and identity, while offering the benefits of an award-winning exchange product to their owners.”

“We find the services DAE Business Solutions provides are exactly what most industry partners are asking for. Our revamped program highlights our flexibility to be adaptable and design solutions that resort and management companies actually need.”

“They can break away from existing programs that aren’t responsive to their individual requirements and use DAE to start seeing real results that improve their owner satisfaction and boost their bottom line.”

For more information or to enquire about DAE Business Solutions, phone 877-223-5529 or email

About DAE (Dial An Exchange)

DAE is the world’s leading privately owned vacation exchange provider. With an established network of resort partners, DAE offers exchange availability at thousands of resorts in the most exciting destinations around the globe.

DAE’s approach to exchange is simple – a platform that is easy to use and puts members’ needs first. No hidden fees, complicated rules or trading powers. It’s why DAE has grown to become the largest privately owned exchange provider since opening its doors in 1997 – now servicing over 1.5 million timeshare owners worldwide, including 550,000 direct members.

Through innovation and value-added service, DAE has changed exchange with a low cost business model that allows owners to get more out of their vacation ownership investment. Operating from 10 global offices located across North America, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Africa and the Middle East, DAE delivers a range of products and services to help businesses in the timeshare industry achieve their goals and objectives – providing local solutions with a global outlook.

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