Orlando, Florida – October 21, 2016 (INTUITION) – Timeshare buyers and sellers can now find timeshare listings quickly and efficiently with added convenience, thanks to the fast and easy to use mobile app from Weeks4Less.

Weeks4Less is an innovative technology platform that brings together timeshare buyers and sellers via a large online marketing strategy. Rather than operating as a broker, which charges commission on timeshare resale transactions, Weeks4Less provide a powerful listing platform with a nominal ad fee to list a timeshare week for sale or rent.

With an ever-growing audience of active timeshare buyers and sellers, and a drive to constantly innovate and improve upon their service, Weeks4Less identified an opportunity to simplify the search process and encourage more interactions through the creation of a mobile app.

Research showed that, despite having several competitors in the timeshare resales marketplace, no other company had created a mobile app. The primary reason for this is the huge infrastructure needed to operate and update live inventory, and to seamlessly process in-app payments while remaining HIPPA compliant, in order to protect customers and meet all U.S. data privacy requirements.

The mobile app, which can be found in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store by simply searching for Weeks4Less, has already received praise from its first users for its ease of use, clear navigation and wealth of information.

“We are very proud to be the first in the industry to launch a timeshare resales app.” Says Crystal Faris, Weeks4Less LLC, “When the vast majority of our current and prospective customers own a smartphone, it was essential for us to enhance our technology platform with this upgrade. Anyone can build an app these days, the key for us was to build one that was simple to use, but with the full power of the latest features and robust infrastructure so it would serve as a valuable addition for our customers.”

Weeks4Less accept listings from individual timeshare owners, resort developers, vacation clubs and wholesalers, thereby acting as an online aggregator of the best timeshare resales and rentals at attractive prices.

Because Weeks4Less doesn’t charge a commission for sales or rentals, the owner of the listing, who sets their own pricing can now be more competitive with their offering, increasing their chances of attracting a purchaser, who is on the website or mobile app for exactly the same reason – the competitive prices.

But for the person or entity listing their offers, the benefits don’t stop there. Weeks4Less offer flexible packages that break the mold of traditional annual listings. Customers can subscribe on a month to month basis, using the site only for the amount of time they want to, and only paying the nominal fee for the time they have active listings.

For more information, and to browse the timeshare listings visit http://weeks4less.com or download the new app from your cellphone by visiting your App Store and searching Weeks4Less.

About Weeks4Less LLC

Weeks4Less is a technology company that is revolutionizing the availability of timeshare inventory and the connectivity of timeshare buyers and sellers. Through an innovative, consumer friendly business model, sellers can list their available vacation time at a low cost with flexible and short term advertising options, with no commissions imposed on buyers or sellers.

For more information visit http://weeks4less.com