April 21, 2017 – Ethos Farm in the Jungle opened three years ago as part of Sunset World’s “Farm to Table” sustainable agriculture program. The purpose of the 3,700 acre farm was to employ local farmers and support production and consumption of local food and plants at Sunset’s resorts. A huge success, today Ethos is increasing production to 18 different indigenous fruits and as well as highly adaptable food species such as cactus, purple passion fruit, eggplant and zucchini.

“This spring Ethos is ready to blossom with new farming practices supporting increased diversity and higher quantity yields than ever before,” said engineer Diana Cecilia Hernández, Director of Ethos Project. “For us this farm is more than just for food, we are a true community of more than 20 local employees proving that sustainable organic farming can be a reality in Quintana Roo.”

As part of Sunset’s environmental mission, Ethos uses only non-polluting energy. Water for the crops is extracted from deep within the limestone using electricity from more than 300 solar panels. The farm also uses waste from the resorts for on-site composting to grow healthy, chemical-free produce for Sunset’s guests and members.

Currently Hacienda Tres Rios guests consume 60 percent of Ethos production but the longer-term plan is for the farm to supply all six of Sunset’s 850 resort rooms. Sunset also recently opened another farm that supports organic egg and honey production. Together the farms are creating a farm tourism model that Sunset World hopes will be replicated by other resorts in the area creating more local jobs and reducing the environmental footprint of shipping food into the Cancun region.