– a leading provider of timeshare closing services and one of the largest independent title agencies serving the timeshare community, announced that VP Dave Heine spoke recently to a Florida Timeshare Owners Group (FTOG) meeting in Sarasota, FL. is licensed to issue title insurance in twenty two states. FTOG was formed in 2004 by timeshare owners wishing to organize themselves and share timeshare information and experiences with one another. In his remarks, Heine, who has been a frequent speaker on this and other vacation ownership-related topics, reviewed some of the measures individual owners should be taking to properly safeguard private and personal information. follows all the latest “best practices” that the American Land Title Association has developed in safeguarding non-public and personally identifiable information. These Best Practices are designed so that an owner can safely transfer ownership of a timeshare week to a buyer with both parties being confident that their private information is secure and that the transaction is compliant with regulations,” says Heine. “I’m delighted to share some of the knowledge I’ve learned over the years about how owners can protect their private information.”

The chairman of FTOG, Frank Debar, says, “Since 2004 our group has become the largest independent timeshare owners association in the nation. This enables us to attract high-caliber guest speakers, such as Dave, to attend and address our membership. We are very selective in whom we invite to speak, to make sure the message will be appropriate and of interest to our group. Dave’s topic certainly hits the mark, since we all need to make sure the privacy of our owners remains uncompromised.”


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About Florida Timeshare Owners Group (FTOG)
Frank Debar founded FTOG in 2004, for the sole purpose of providing all interested timeshare unit-owners with much needed and relevant information, along with an opportunity for them to share their personal issues, concerns, and experiences with each other, in order for our membership to fully enhance and utilize their vacation ownership options. Debar served as an HOA Board member for Cape Cod Holiday Estates for 28 years, as well as taking over as the Board’s initial Chairman once the resort was sold out, in 1985.