A team of four staff from Gold Coast-based timeshare company, Classic Holidays, is setting their sights on raising $10,000 for the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge to be held on 14 – 15 July, 2018.

The annual event, which supports the Kokoda Youth Foundation to help young people in need, has attracted around 300 teams in 2018 and is hailed as the toughest team endurance event in Australia.

The team from Classic Holidays, including Operations staff Phil Johnson, Solange Schuba, Adeline Kissel and Workplaces Support officer, Penny Angus, will tackle the 96km distance of the Kokoda Track through the Gold Coast hinterland within a time limit of 39 hours – but not before they tackle their $10,000 fundraising challenge.

Classic Holidays CEO, Ramy Filo, said he was proud of the team’s effort and thanked those who had helped them get to the top of the fundraising chart with $7,750 raised so far.

“The efforts of this team are truly inspirational,” said Mr Filo. “To take on this challenge as part of the what we stand for as a company is really the essence of our people at Classic Holidays.

“They started with a goal of raising $1,600 – through our Classic community, with the support of our staff, timeshare industry partners and the wider community, they’ve been able to achieve this fantastic result. Now we’d love to see them reach $10,000 for the Kokoda Youth Foundation which will really deliver an impact.”

The idea was introduced by Phil Johnson, the team captain, who wanted to have a personal challenge, include a likeminded team and do good for others by fundraising for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. “We will be stronger for the challenge and we will be helping kids in need to participate in their fantastic Youth Program,” said Mr Johnson.

Classic Holidays, which celebrates its 40th year in 2018, has been heavily involved with supporting youth in recent years, developing the Work Inspiration program for local school students and at-risk youth to participate in a workplace mentoring program at their Gold Coast Head Office, which has seen over 100 local students benefit from career support, direction and even employment placement.


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