GBG & Associates, an innovator in tactical marketing, advertising and public relations plans, has updated its branding imagery. A revamped website and new logo reflect the broadening of the company’s scope and highlight three decades of successful business using a People to People philosophy.

GBG & Associates Founder Georgi Bohrod, says, “The strong bonds with our clients and a comprehensive knowledge of their businesses is the backbone of GBG & Associates. Whether an audience is Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C), our relationship-driven partnership with our clients is all People to People (P2P). We develop a business connection on a personal level through mutual trust.”

Along with P2P, Return on Objective or (ROO) is top of mind for GBG & Associates. ROO measures how well the marketing efforts have worked to obtain the objectives. Objectives and targets to be achieved are defined with consideration of the needs of the particular market to be reached. For more precise evaluation of success, measurement is done before, during, and after the marketing campaign. With ROO, clients always know where their marketing campaign is headed and whether their efforts have worked.

GBG’s success is notable in its influence of the timeshare industry, trade associations, legal and other professional services. It is also noted in the new website’s full section of client testimonies that document their success with GBG, such as this one from Luis Namnum, a client for more than 20 years:

“I have to say that in a 20-year working relationship it has been my pleasure to always count on GBG and your personalized brand of service. …. To us GBG is not a PR firm but rather a member of our advising Brain Trust.”

The new GBG website is easy to use and informative. Contemporary graphics and colors are distinctive and appealing. A section for updated Client News, a Market Smart Blog and a monthly Newsletter provide valuable client and industry news. Though the website has evolved and changed, clients can still expect the same high level of service and integrity that GBG has always provided.

For more information about GBG & Associates, check out the brand new website at: