Montego Bay, Jamaica: Founder of Books4Kids Jamaica, Robert T. Trotta passed away last week in London after a short illness on the night of
the 11th to 12th of December. He is survived by his wife, daughters and grandchildren. He was an visionary real estate developer and investor who spanned a 40+ year career in several countries providing hotel and apartment accommodation with many iconic developments providing work for thousands of employees and vacation experiences for hundreds of thousands of vacationers.

Overall he championed the building and opening of over 7000 hotel rooms, condos and apartments. The companies he founded, previously transitioned to several professionally managed business entities and joint ventures, remain committed to that cause. These entities operate hotels and various development projects in planning stages.

In his final years he remained an active business investor in many businesses and a passionate charity benefactor providing reading and school work books for over 10,000 children in the Caribbean with the Books4Kids Foundation chaired by his wife in Jamaica.

Citizen of the World, Italian, American born, Veteran, with a passion for warm climates around the world. Avid skier and sportsman with a keen eye for business, architecture, and human capacity. All who knew him learned from him.

The directors of Books4 Kids Jamaica, his colleagues, friends, and business associates are greatly saddened by his loss.

For more information contact:

Frank Perolli
Board Member
Books4Kids Jamaica