C.A.R.E. has announced the selection of its Keynote Speaker for its 68thConferenceto be held at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from April 4-7, 2020.

Iron Tamer, Dave Whitley, ‘A Strongman with a Strong Message’, will deliver the Keynote address as C.A.R.E. celebrates its 35thAnniversary and history of its own in one of the most historic cities in the US.

As a kid, Dave was overweight and had a terrible stutter. Retreating into a world of fantasy and comic books, he dreamed of becoming SuperHuman. Now, as a motivational speaker, he’ll use his SuperHuman feats of strength to share his message “Superhuman YOU: Break the Chains of Limitations and Unleash Your Own Superpower” with C.A.R.E. During his presentation, Dave will combine incredible feats of strength and a powerful message, creating a presentation unlike ANYTHING C.A.R.E. conference attendees have ever seen before.

Dave Whitley realized his dream and achieved his desire. As a professional strongman, he bends steel bars with his hands, and he’s convinced that every single one of us on planet Earth can become superhuman. In his presentation, Dave will explore the reasons we have such a fascination with superheroes. According to Dave, it is because we see the best qualities of ourselves in them and they are an exaggerated version of what we all aspire to be. He believes we each have at least one unique superpower, a life’s purpose. Dave will share how the principles of achieving this are the same, regardless of the goal. Conference attendees will learn how to how to discover and develop their own Superpower and how to use that power to live a success-filled and happy life.

According to Jeff Ingram, C.A.R.E. Treasurer and Speaker Committee Co-Chair “The keynote presentation in Philadelphia’s C.A.R.E. conference will be one of the most unique ever!

Over the years, finding captivating speakers for our organization is always a great challenge and opportunity.  Researching presentations can be difficult given that everyone puts their best foot forward on their websites and reviews.

After reading David Whitley’s book, Superhuman You, we realized that he would be a good fit. When interviewed, it was an absolute match for what our members enjoy.  C.A.R.E. attendees will witness not only amazing feats of strength but be inspired to find their own superpower.

Everyone that had the opportunity to review his work is excited for our conference.  Make sure you are in Philly!”

About Dave Whitley

Iron Tamer Dave Whitley is a motivational speaker and strongman based in Nashville TN.    Davehas performed and spoken all over the US, as well as internationally in Italy, Ireland, England, Czech Republic, Australia, Japan and Korea and was featured in the German documentary Kraftakt, a film about strength. Dave is the author of the book Superhuman YOU and the Vice President of Dennis Rogers’ Oldetime Strongman University.

About C.A.R.E.

Established in 1985, (C.A.R.E.), the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers, is one of the industry’s leading associations in ethical standards and value propositions. Its internationally diverse member base includes Resort Developers, Management and Exchange Companies, HOA’s, Travel Clubs and Wholesalers as well as many respected industry suppliers bringing value-added revenue enhancement opportunities. Members that possess rentable inventory or seek inventory for fulfillment of rental requests set the foundation of C.A.R.E. with a multitude of scenarios for securing client vacations, increased inventory utilization and heightened yield management. C.A.R.E. members can share inventory via week-to-week exchanges, weekly wholesale rentals, guaranteed and free-sale blocks as well as year-round and seasonal leases all over the world. C.A.R.E. members must comply with a strict Code of Standards and Ethics and will undoubtedly gain professional and personal development by attending C.A.R.E. Conferences. With nominal annual membership fees and some of the industry’s lowest conference registration rates, C.A.R.E. can prove an undeniable value and return.

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