Orlando, Florida, October 19, 2018 (PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE) Cory Stegemann, founder and CEO of Cornerstone Vacation Ownership, a Canadian-based B2B organization specializing in the secondary market sector of the timeshare industry, recently attended and spoke on panel about the importance of the secondary market at VO-Con ’18, which was held at the Westin Trillium House Resort in Blue Mountain, Ontario, Canada this past month. The secondary market is one of the industry’s most important topics due to the dramatic impact it is having on timeshare owners, HOAs and developers alike. The discussion included input from all sides, looking at the role each of them plays, in the much-needed solution.

Established by secondary timeshare market expert, Cory Stegemann, Cornerstone Vacation Ownership works with developers and HOAs in building custom strategies to help revitalize the vacation ownership industry. Through working with clients one-on-one, Cornerstone oversees all companies under its Secondary Market Solution Suite (SMS Suite) which includes: sales and marketing, Cyria Group and My Reward Travel Network.

VO-Con is a professional industry conference developed by the CVOA, Canada’s only association dedicated to representing the vacation ownership industry. It attracts hospitality industry decision-makers and CEOs globally to network, build business connections, and learn about new innovations and business strategies in the timeshare industry. According to Jon Zwickel, President, and CEO of CVOA, 65-percent of VO-Con attendees come from the C-level, including business directors and partners.

Stegemann who is a member of the CVOA board of directors spoke on the conference’s first discussion panel that focused on the secondary market. Along with other industry experts, Stegemann discussed his views and strategies about the secondary market; an often-controversial topic during “Changing the Secondary Market Paradigms.”

“As a fixture in today’s demanding and fast-paced environment, timeshare is something that continues to provide enjoyment and pleasure to many owners. However, Cornerstone Vacation Ownership provides simple, primary solutions for all involved in the secondary market. Our sales and marketing services assist in the reinvigoration of legacy partner resorts, while our sustainable options breathe new life into timeshare ownership for clients.”

Cornerstone Vacation Ownership and its affiliates are dedicated to promoting ethical (sustainable) solutions to support the growth of the secondary market. Cornerstone Vacation Ownership offers timeshare owners true consumer-centric ownership options that work cohesively with its subsidiaries, Cyria Group and My Reward Travel Network.

Cyria Group works with developers to provide secure, cloud-based trade-in solutions that are backed by a 100% fulfillment guarantee. My Reward Travel Network is an online travel platform that was developed to enhance vacation ownership purchase experience by offering the best savings possible on a wide variety of travel products.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Cornerstone Vacation Ownership has recently expanded its reach with a newly opened office located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

For more information please visit: www.cornerstonevo.com

About Cornerstone Vacation Ownership

Cornerstone Vacation Ownership is a B2B organization specializing in the secondary market sector of the timeshare industry. Cornerstone works with clients to develop strategies suited to their organizational needs and goals while utilizing the applicable SMS organizations (sales and marketing, Cyria Group and My Reward Travel Network), under Cornerstone’s leadership to ensure results and success for every client.