Plans to build 250 apartments at CLC World’s prestige California Beach Resort in southern Spain have been given the green light by the local authority.

The luxury project, costing around €70million, was unveiled at a meeting to which local press were invited and which was attended by the mayor of the coastal region Mijas Costa: Juan Carlos Maldonado, and councillor for development Andrés Ruiz.

Details were given by Salvador Díaz, director for development and construction at CLC World Resorts & Hotels. Once completed, he said the company would expect the annual number of holidaymakers to CLC Club La Costa World to rise from 90,000 to 120,000, bringing additional benefits to the local economy.

Work on phase one is planned to start in 2016 and Mr Díaz estimated that as construction work gets under way it will create jobs for between 300 and 500 people. Upon finish, CLC World’s workforce servicing its guests is expected to increase from the current 1,300 to 1,600.

The 250 new apartments will be built on a 25,000m2 area, with 3,000m2 dedicated to commercial outlets. Another 15,000m2, opposite the sea, will be developed as a green zone featuring Mediterranean gardens, lakes and waterfalls. The plans also include an improved access from the resort to the main coastal highway.

Mijas councillor Andrés Ruiz said: “Thanks to CLC World we can look forward to the creation of more jobs for the people in our municipality and a wonderful contribution to the environment with the creation of the green zone.”

Mayor Maldonado said: I am delighted to see the confidence in our area that CLC World has in committing itself to this project, as well as its determination to play a part in our area’s well-being. In the future, other businesses will want to come to our area and CLC World is a symbol to them and a model of a successful business that has succeeded in bringing excellence here.”

Mr Díaz concluded: “This project takes us a step up in the excellent standards of quality already offered in Mijas Costa. It is no surprise that we should choose to carry out a project of this magnitude here as we have full confidence in the Costa del Sol and its tourism potential.”

Note to editors

CLC World Resorts & Hotels was established in the UK in 1984, subsequently acquiring apartments on the Costa del Sol, Spain, in 1986, and during its more than three decades of existence the company has grown to have an international presence with resorts in the United States, Turkey, Austria, the United Kingdom, Tenerife, mainland Spain and Australia.