Hotel Xlendi Resort and Spa, Xlendi Bay, Gozo Malta.
Appointment Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD, ARP as Director Sales & Marketing.
20 year timeshare veteran Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD, ARP celebrated his 82 birthday with his appointment as Director Sales and Marketing for Hotel Xlendi Resort and Spa, on the tiny Island of Gozo, one of the three Maltese Islands in the Mediterranean.
Peter won the ARDA silver medal for the Hilton Grand Vacation Club in 1996 and after several years with Hilton joined the Marriott Vacation Club based both in Las Vegas and Spain, until his retirement 6 years ago.
The Hotel Xlendi is a unique property with a number of timeshare apartments, however due to management problems, the owners now focus primarily on the Hotel and Spa accommodations. Peter had returned to the Maltese islands to write a new book on the Island of Gozo following the publication of his book on Malta last year by American Star Books in the USA. He has written and published 9 books since his retirement. Soon after his arrival back on the island he was offered the position of Director of Sales and Marketing to assist the Hotel in expanding its marketing and revitalizing its timeshare potential. He is currently looking for an active management company who can take over this unique property and maximize its full potential.
Located on Gozo’s most popular bay, the resort has a fully equipped health center, resident doctor, indoor and rooftop pools, and direct access to the beach front.
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