Timeshare Escrow & Title has hit the ground running as Orlando, Florida’s newest service to assist buyers and sellers seamlessly and securely transfer timeshare titles. The company, formed by Dave Heine, proudly performs timeshare transfers across the globe, providing honesty, security, and support to its growing clientele.


Timeshare Escrow & Title understands that it can be difficult to find a company that will securely and efficiently transfer a resort property title and deed. Timeshare Escrow & Title is the easiest, most secure way for sellers and buyers to close their timeshare transaction with help from leading industry experts.


Whether you’re looking for a deed-only closing, full timeshare closing, or to safeguard funds, Timeshare Escrow & Title is here to help. The company’s services are provided in locations around the world, including 23 states, Bahamas, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

When it comes to buyers and sellers private information, Timeshare Escrow & Title protects it as if it were its own. Experienced closing agents are available to support customers throughout the entire process of transferring a timeshare so there is no confusion surrounding the resale process.


Timeshare Escrow & Title assists buyers and sellers seamlessly and securely transfer their timeshare title while actively following timeshare title and escrow Best Practices and regulations. As one of the largest independent national title agency serving the timeshare community, the company’s competitive prices are fairly calculated using a Closing Cost Calculator


Timeshare Escrow & Title is dedicated to clear lines of communications when it comes to your closure or transfer. Timeshare Escrow & Title provides a direct link to The Federal Trade Commission’s Reseller’s Guide, as well as an archive of common Timeshare Terminology to assist with industry-specific lingo.


For more information, email Dave Heine at info@timeshareresaleclosings.com or visit www.timeshareresaleclosings.com.



About Timeshare Escrow & Title


Timeshare Escrow & Title is fully licensed and appointed to perform timeshare closings for customers as a title agency for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, the largest title insurance agency in the US.


The company actively performs timeshare title transfers in a total of 23 states, Mexico, the Caribbean, plus other locations around the world, positioning Timeshare Escrow & Title as one of the largest independent national title agencies serving the timeshare community.