The OpenTravel Golf 2.0 Standard Connection is available for download & companies are already seeing the value

May 19, 2017 – The OpenTravel Golf 2.0 Standard Connection was designed to connect more golfers to more distribution partners in hospitality, air, rental cars, tour operators, OTA’s, rail, by enabling faster, more efficient technical connections.With technology on the rise in all areas of travel and tourism, this is an opportunity to tap into the existing veteran golfers and future youth golfers who innately look to use technology in every aspect of their lives.

“[OpenTravel 2.0 Standard Connection] More efficient and opens the connections to the possibilities of more customers, which will ultimately drive a more profitable business. We are delighted to have this new bridge to customers. As long time supporters to open standards of connectivity we look forward to the full implementation of OpenTravel’s standards in our day-to-day operations.”
Doug Howe, Partner Century Golf Partners Ā -Jim Hinckley, CEO and Partner Century Golf Partners

The new OpenTravel Alliance Golf 2.0 Standard will allow for partners booking golf and packages in Myrtle Beach to connect golfers to our reservation services faster, easier, and more efficiently using open A.P.I. tools. We have played a small part in the development of the standards and we fully endorse their adoption, which opens up our courses and facilities to booking partners that are able to communicate with our golf courses more effectively.” –Ā Tracy Connor, General Manager, Myrtle Beach Golf Course Owner AssociationĀ Grand Strand Tee Time Network

“Leading France’s national golf facility and placing it at the forefront of incoming travel to Paris, France for golfers, but also as a former executive with a European multi course company we fully support the OpenTravel Golf 2.0 standards and are actively implementing them to connect consumers and travel providers and increase access to our golf course globally.”Ā –Ā Paul Armitage, Directeur Le Golf National | General Manager Le Golf National

The Golf 2.0 Standard Connection is now available for download free of chargeĀ here. For more information on Golf 2.0 please contact Sandy Angel; ( of OpenTravel Alliance.