Orlando, Florida, June 18, 2018 – (PERSPECTIVE MAGAZINE) –NextGen International; a Canadian-based company that specializes in the marketing and sales of secondary market inventory, continues its dedication in providing accessible vacation ownership to consumers by launching the My Reward Travel Network app.

The My Reward Travel Network (MRTN) app has been developed to elevate NextGen members’ travel experiences by granting access to unbeatable travel and entertainment discounts anywhere at any time. My Reward Travel Network offers savings up to 70-percent on flights, car rentals, hotels, and concert tickets. MRTN offers a world of travel options at just a click of a button.  Knowing how important personalization is to its members, NextGen’s expertly trained travel consultants can meet with members one-on-one and offer a vacation club that fits their individual needs.

“This is the first step in continuing to add more tech-centric innovations to our program and packages. We know we live in a technology-based world and travel and technology are becoming more and more intertwined. We know that having this app will make it even more user-friendly and accessible for all demographics,” says Founder & CEO Cory Stegemann.

Established in 2017, NextGen International is the final piece for sister companies Cyria Group and Genescy Corporation, to add to its Secondary Market Solution Suite (SMS Suite). Through the SMS Suite, timeshare owners have superior access to full-service, ethical solutions no matter what their needs. This trifecta of businesses creates a positive cycle of vacation ownership; with Genescy focusing on offering timeshare ownership options, Cyria Group working with developers and consumers to provide trade-in solutions, and NextGen International providing a platform for the flexible purchase of vacation ownership options.

For more information about NextGen International please visit: https://www.nextgenic.ca/about/

About NextGen International

NextGen International’s mission is to restyle the way people buy, access and use vacation ownership. Through NextGen International, members will have a stress-free vacation planning solution with access to a curated inventory of options that are hand-picked by a rigorous screening method. NextGen’s intuitive and simple three tier selection process can narrow options down even further to location, investment, and property size. Cory Stegemann is the Founder & CEO of Cyria Group & sits on the Board of Directors for the CVOA, and is also the Chair of the Secondary Ownership Committee. For more information visit http://www.nextgenic.ca/.