Ranked as the second largest Skal Club in the United States and among the top 10 in the world, Skal International Orlando recently held its “Members of Distinction” Gala at the Hard Rock Hotel Orlando honoring 29 outstanding members for their many years of service and membership.
“I am extremely proud of these fine men and women in our travel, tourism and hospitality industry for their service and loyalty to Skal,” remarked John Stine, President of Skal International Orlando.  “It’s incredible to see 15, 20, 25, 30, 34, 36, 46 and 50 years of service among those we have recognized as our Members of Distinction.  What’s also amazing is that collectively, they have given 688 years of their lives not just to our Skal Club in Orlando, but to the entire Skal organization in the U.S. and globally.”

Those recognized as Skal Orlando Members of Distinction include:

15 Years

  • Grant R. Bannen, Skal Orlando President 2009
  • Andres Cibotti
  • Phillippe E. De Leonardis
  • Barbara Kenney, Skal Orlando President 2010
  • Andy Schiavone, Current Skal Orlando Treasurer
  • Ron Silveira, Skal Orlando President 2008
  • Kim Slavin
  • John Stine, Current Skal Orlando President 2018
  • Suzee Warren

20 Years

  • Maurice Arbelaez
  • James Burr
  • Jeanette Collet
  • Fred Corrigan, Skal Orlando President 2005
  • Michael Dyrland, Skal Orlando President 1999
  • Frank Krzyzowski

25 Years

  • Dennis Bement, Skal Orlando President 2003
  • Kerry Cushing, Skal Orlando President 2002
  • Carol Hubbard, Skal Orlando President 1996
  • Richard Jackson
  • Dan Leahy
  • Karen Pitcherello
  • Thomas White, Current Skal Orlando Executive Secretary/Treasurer, Skal Orlando President 1995, Skal USA President 2013

30 Years

  • Martin “Marty” Hunter, Skal Orlando President 1994 and served on Skal USA National Committee 1998-2000

34 Years

  • Marcelo de Mattos

36 Years

  • Robert Bader, Skal Memphis President 1988 and 2019, Skal USA President 2007-2008

Skal Orlando Members of Distinction Awards

46 Years

  • Arnie Rotne, Skal Orlando President 1989
  • Sydney “Bo” Swope, Founding Member Skal Orlando 1972, Skal Orlando President 1977
  • Elon “Red” West, Founding Member Skal Orlando 1972, Skal Orlando President 1976

50 Years

  • L. William Pullen. Joined Skal Phoenix 1968.  Founding Member Skal Palm Beach 1971, Helped found Skal Orlando 1972, Held every office Skal USA National Committed, Skal USA President 1989-1990

Skal is the only international organization bringing together sectors of the travel and tourism industry while networking, conducting business and helping communities locally, nationally and internationally.  For more information on Skal Orlando, go to www.skalorlando.com.