Orlando, Florida – March 18, 2015 – (INTUITION by Perspective Group) – Gold Coast-based Resort and Club Management company, Classic Holidays, has developed student work experience program, Work Inspiration, into a successful pathway for local high school students to reach their employment potential.

In 2015, Classic Holidays will welcome 15 students commencing as school-based trainees and studying a Certificate III in Business with One Step Further.

Ten students will be placed at Head Office across different departments, and a further five students at four Classic Managed Resorts. “What is really exciting is that some of these trainee students starting with us participated in our Work Inspiration program over the last couple of years,” said Mark Stephenson, Chief Commercial Officer.

“It proves what a successful platform Work Inspiration has become not only for local schools, but for our workplace as well.”

Last year, Classic Holidays continued relationships with students from Varsity College through further mentoring sessions, helping them with resumes, interview techniques, further discussion of their strengths and the types of careers that would suit them.

“That’s what sets this program apart from regular work experience. This meaningful engagement led many of the students to gain part time work, and even into traineeships with us,” he said.

This year, Classic Holidays has also begun a partnership with Arcadia College at Varsity Lakes to deliver the Work Inspiration program to its students, commencing in April.

Carmen Auer, Community and Business Development Manager at Arcardia College, praised the Work Inspiration program at Classic Holidays as a way to develop pathways for their students post-school.

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”big” animation=”none” size=”2″]“Work Inspiration is an ideal way to give young people career inspiration,” said Ms Auer. “It’s based on a lot of research coming out of the UK that quite clearly shows that when young people have three to four career conversations in their life, they are going to make better career decisions.”[/dt_quote]

“There are three main insights that make this program so much more beneficial as a work experience program – firstly, young people learn all about themselves, then they look behind the scenes giving them an insight into the various careers at Classic Holidays that they wouldn’t know about, which is followed by a career conversation with a Classic Mentor.

“As an independent school, we’re ensuring by having a partnership with businesses like Classic Holidays, with a very strong background working young people and social inclusion, that our young people will have the best chance of developing strong pathways.

“We are focused on where our young people are going, not where they have come from, which is exactly what Work Inspiration does so well.”

About Classic Holidays

Classic Holidays is Australasia’s largest Resort and Club Management Company, with over 65,000 member families and more than 30 properties under management across Australia and New Zealand. Classic Holidays provides flexible and affordable membership options for families to enjoy the highest quality holidays throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Part of the award-winning Beneficium group of companies, Classic Holidays has been named Best Management Company for four consecutive years in the global timeshare industry’s prestigious Perspective Magazine Awards, as well as Best Overall Company in 2014.

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